Saturday, March 31, 2007

Check In At Shereton Hotel

Friday 30th March 2007 we checked in at Shereton Hotel wiv ma frens lia and zehan..well semalam plang sha saja kan merasai for da 2nd time coz da 1st time it was really rushed and limitize coz full of emergency plannin..but alhamdulillah dz time it was ok and we really treasure da full time wen we checked in..For ur info da rum rate was quite ok..2 rooms family package cost u only $150 + 10% tax..da 1st rum was equipped wiv queen size bed and da other rum was wiv 2 single beds..Tx to lia and zehan 4 lettin us to clep over at da queen size bedroom hehehe..*HuGz*
Da Bed



DaOtherRoom *hehe*

At da same day we went out for shoppin at HuaHo (where else) and The Mall..It was jam all da way and so packed wiv ppl since its a 3 days holiday for every1 i supposed..Afta shoppin mababe decided to have a hitea at shereton hotel..jan nda merasai plang sha and dat was da 1st tym kami hitea inda sampai half n hour n we only drank a cup of tea and 1 round of buffet..imagine saja berapa byk makananya kami makan if its only 1 round..menyasal a2 ada lah jua p its kinda worth of $7.++ per person and makananya nyaman plang nganya inda byk choice..

Dinner at Atrium

Last Thurs i had dinner wiv ma babe at da atrium cafe empire..Was really starvin at dat tym n worst come to worst wen we found out dat da foods was really disappointed..not much varieties and da taste was not as usual lyk before..very sad n da ratin for dat nyte i can only give was C- which is nearly to D..sighh..not worth for ma $ at dat nyte..but da moment was still captured hehe..

Zikir Sempena Maulidur Rasul

Last week some of stargazers members excluded me attend zikir sempena maulud nabi at nana's place..It was held at night lapas sembahyang isyak..

Monday, March 26, 2007

Activity Baru Menyadak Bubuk

Ma ParentsMa Sis, Ma Unc & Aunt
Da Luvly Couple
Ma Dad n Sisz
Me Ma Sis n Dad every1 noes dat sani musim bubuk which is byk bubuk lah me n ma family ada hobby baru which is menyadak bubuk p tym musim2 nya sha lah hehehe..yesterday ma parents went ke laut wiv ma aunt unc n masod wer s me n ma sis tingal drmh dgni nene since ia paning n inda baik rasa..Inda sampai 10min drg dlaut ada tia kana call oleh anim suruh ke laut bawa penyadak basin and plastic sampah hitam untuk menyimpan bubuk..

Well it was ma first experience menyadak bubuk wer u can actually xperienced dat da bubuk melanggar2 arah our was really a great moment for me n ma family heheh..sioklah tho activity nya inda seberapa but i enjoyed..well pictures can really describe wat we actually did at da location..eseeehhh..
Da Hero & Heroin of Bubuk

Da Bubuk MentorDa Bubuk 4 Da DayAnother HeroDa Bubuk Swimmer =p

Friday, March 23, 2007

Majlis Pengislaman

Alhamdulillah 2day selamat Endoy or Norizati (Nama Islam nya) di islamkan di rumah da sis at bukit beruang tutong..Ramai jua orang attend and da kem was full..It was rainin but kata org2 tua ujan rezeki since ia masuk islam which is jalan yg mulia..she look gorgeous with all white..macam orang nikah ada jua p ani nada pasangan hehehe..anyway all da best to her semoga tabah hati menjalankan perintah allah dan sabar mengharungi hari2 yang mendatang..AMIN

Family Tahlil At Tanjong Nangka

We had family tahlil lastnyte at tanjong nangka for mulah nene and also i think doa selamat for da newly wed..Besides den tahlil dey also had deir karaoke at da garage lastnyte and 2 of da participants was da newly wed..Nothin much 2 share since most of da tym i was inside chit chatin wiv ma cuzies about all stuffs like planin for family occasions and scooterin hehhe..

Photos will post next time..

Friday, March 16, 2007

Trip 2 KK

Wiv da advance tech n communication now a days im able 2 post dz while im insde da car headin 2 temburong..its our first day of our trip but 2day we will b slepin over at temburong at ma babe's sis houz n 2mrw we will continue our journey 2 kk straight..da weather is quite cloudy n rainin..luckily der isnt much trafic xcept waitin 4 da fery 4rm limbang 2 temburong..had lunch at limbang bt da nasi ayam suxxx n tx 2 ma babe who is wilin 2 xchnge her food wiv mine..tx so much baby..*huGz* we will b arrivin shortly at her houz nw..alhamdulillah our journey selamat..will kep on postin 4 more update 4rm kk..

We went off from temburong at 7am da next day and arrived KK at around 12..Checkin upon arrival at Tangs Dynasty Hotel and problems start to occur..First our room was not ready yet and da other room is still occupied!!Wat da HACKKKK??why do we have to wait again and again??shouldnt dey get our room ready upon our arrival and surprisingly dat we hafta wait for da checkin tym like as if we were da local??comeonnnn..bukannya kami ani baru pernah belayar kan kana tipu2 and paloikan??


Well worst come to worst wen we hafta wait for more den 3 Hours for the other room to be ready and lastly we guys cancelled da room and squeezed in 15 of us in one family least kami ok lah ada katil but yg kesianya da rest yg tidur beampai n ada yg bebantalkan travellin bag durang..sabar saja ahhh cemana tah jua mun udah kuat hati kan bejalan paksatah jua cematu..apanya org jan luan memilih dnegeri orang ani..

Da vacation was ok..not much comment lah but i enjoyed da journey back from temburong to brunei..atu baru kira adventure lah for me n ma babe since kami 3 orang which is me n her and anak buah ma babe yg 10years old saja headin back to tutong..its quite dark and kinda dangerous but wiv perlindungan tuhan berbekalkan doa and tawakal kami selamat sampai ke tutong at around 9pm..Dz was mababe first adventure driving to KK heheh..CONGRATES DARLIN..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Superman Desktop & Laptop

D Desktop version comes wiv da followin features
  • Intel Pentium D processor
  • Intel D975XBX motherboard
  • Up to 2GB of system memory
  • Up to 2 x 500GB 7,200RPM hard drives
  • 16x Dual-Layer DVD-RW
  • 10-in-1 memory card reader
  • 7.1 high definition audio
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition

Wer s da laptop version comes wiv
  • Intel Core Duo processor
  • ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 256MB
  • 17-inch widescreen LCD display
  • 512MB or up to 2GB of system memory
  • Dual SATA hard drive with RAID 0 support
  • Single optical drive with optional DVD-RW support
  • TV-Out
  • High definition 7.1 channel audio
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Express card slot
  • 4-in-1 memory card reader


It may look like a normal stylo table n wat so special about it??Bare in mind dat NEVA EVA JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER..Lets c it by urself..Ok u might been wonderin dat dz pictures cant tell much about da speciality behind for more details u can simply click da link below

If any of u see dz table in brunei do let me noe ayt..obviously i wan dz table 2 tho it will cost me alot..All i noe u can only find dz 2 in 1 table at france..

COOLL Gadg..

Knife dat has bullet

Lighter dat has hidden camera..

Dz lighter has an internal memory of 64mb which can store some candit photos..or it might be more useful wen uve sumbody to spy on =p


Do u have problem in accesin wiv ur wi-fi sum place at ur houz?Or do u have neighbours who happen 2 have a wifi and da firewall can be access??Dz thing can be useful..Once being attach 2 any of ur computer either lappy or pc..u can now access 2 any wifi without havin any problem since dz thing can b used 1000feet from da wifi place..isn't it interestin??It will cost u only US$150..

Prevent Snorin..

Kewl USB Drive

Wana Place ur mobile sumwer safer durin chargin??

Chill Or warmer wiv USB??Anytime..

Credit card size mp3 player