Friday, March 28, 2008

More Pix Durin Our Vacation at KL

Exclusive Limo TaxiArrival at Kuala LumpurDa great performance
Look at da shoes..*aint it cute*
Da F1 Track
Ma All-Time-Fav Armani Exchange
MaBabe All-Time-Fav French Connection *FCUK*
BIGGGG Prawnnnnss *Slurpppp*
All-Time-Fav Auntie Anne's

Chocolate Mint & Lemonade Large
Premier Toilet at KLCC..We rather paid RM2 den waitin for a long Q n Stinkkkzzz Toilet

Released our hunger at 24Hrs McD

..Durin da concert..

MaBabe had a small fight wiv 1 of em due 2 blockin her way hahahaha

Like Hubby Like Wifieee hehe
Wiv Wan Maimunah at Bukit Bintang

At Da Cacao choc shop
Da New Pavilion *Biggest Shoppin Store*

J.CO Donuts and Coffess *Better den Fun Donut*

Ma Tenpanyaki Chicken for Lunch

Fish & Co

Fried Calamari
Linda Onn's Restaurant..Niceeee Very Niceeee
Shopping at Armani Exchange & Fcuk at 1 Utama
Going Back to Brunei