Friday, July 30, 2010

Congrates Universal

Wuhooo..I'm jobless again and it's Saturday!So tell me about it!;p *Blank for 5 minutes and thinking what I want to write actually*Hmm..anyway congratulations to Universal VolleyBall Team for winning 3 matches so far against VB Gurls, HM's Family and Temburong..Very proud of you girls and Insyallah I will go and give a moral support on Sunday which will be against Mutiara Nusantara..

In a game though our opponents are weak, we can't take our sweet time and be too confident..This is so wrong and I dislike this type of behaviour!I'm glad everyone have the feelings that they can win but it's aint a reason to be careless and take things for granted!If you really can beat them, then the points should be 25 - Nil!So please head on the game and play smart!All the best again Universal and ma trust is always with you!Promise everyone that if Universal manage to be champions this year, We will have a BIG MAKAN time girls!

Yesterday, me and ma 2 sisters went to Kaizen Sushi Restaurant at Seria and it was ma first!Love the cozy place, staffs and the cleanliness..Have a look at the menu and it is well organized and varies!Price wise is expensive and I DISLIKE it..I still prefer Excapade then Kaizen and that's ma personal point of view!Ma tastebud doesn't like it much! ;p

Looking forward to go to Bridex tapi macam malas jua kan kesana due to the traffic and crowded with people!Will see how it goes besides ma hectic weekend this month!But for sure I won't miss to see Volleyball tourney between Universal & Mutiara Nusantara tomorrow at 9pm Insyallah!

That's it for now..Lunch Break and ma mom ain't cooking so again makan di kadai saja with ma sis Ifa..Mun tiap-tiap hari cemani gunung pun runtuh hehehe ;p

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nisfu Syaaban

Selamat Menyambut Nisfu Syaaban to all muslim and semoga Tuhan memberkati semua yang kita lakukan dan memelihara semua daripada bala dan azabnya AMIN AMIN AMIN..

Last monday we had a small gathering and function to celebrate Malam Nisfu Syaaban at our crib and alhamdulillah we managed to do it again this year..Our menu was Chicken curry, Butter milk prawns, Lamiding, Peria, fruits and Satay..Thanks to everyone who brought foods as well..Alhamdulillah again!

Another good things to do this month is berpuasa!Puasa might be easy for some people but as for me its kinda tough honestly!But alhamdulillah I'm proud of maself that this year I managed and left another 1 more day which will be tomorrow Insyallah..Ramadhan is inches away now and I hope I do it well this year!

This month will be a very busy month!Schedule is full with family functions at both sides, Perayaan, Work and much more..The only days I can relax is week days as for this month and wishing for a better days next month since it will be a fasting month for us muslims.

Last Saturday was a very hectic day with M.O.D Minister Visits to Kuala Belait and alhamdulillah everything went smooth!From Badas to Perumahan, Jabatan Ukur, Jastre, JKR HQ and finally Agis-Agis..Had lunch at Serikandi before the afternoon session and was only back home at 530pm but again I enjoyed much during the Minister visit!I just wish I have a full frame camera or wide lens at that time..Insyallah one day!

I SERIOUSLY need mini getaway..Doesn't matter where to as long as I got in a plane and away from Brunei for at least 2 days!I need to relax and do some retail therapy PLEASE!I'm thinking of going to KK but again mababe is commited with her volleyball tournament for this month and me going alone will be something tough to do MAYBE!Haven't try it yet except for business trip which was years back!

Another destination I have in mind is Singapore!Why?I wanna buy an iPad and iPhone 4..The price is way cheaper than Brunei as for now at QQestore, Deejay and people ask me why do I have to wait for the Asian Version iPad to be released?Ma answer is that I can save some $$$..For the pre-asian version iPad 16gb Wifi + 3G is $12++ where as for the Asian version is only $928..Its $300 difference we are talking about here and with that money I can buy some accessories for the iPad instead of spending more on the Pre version which has totally the same features!Where as for the iPhone 4, they are selling it at $888 for 16Gb and $2588 in Brunei!!Crazeeeeyyyhhhh much huh!Now I've all the reasons to go to Singapore and buy those unless AV Electronics bring it in any time sooner then trip to Singapore will be cancel immediately hehehe..

Sorry if this posting bored you but I'm sure NOT!Else you won't read this now hehe..Anyway thanks for spending your time to read everything and I appreciate it much..

Have a great day ahead guys and to whom who's fasting right now, Happy fasting and semoga Allah memelihara anda semua =)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Perayaan at Bandar

Ma 2 sisters Ifa & Anim
Satay Ayam, Daging, Urat and Kambing
Besar Punya~Ma dad with his gearbox
GearboxNasi Ayam Penyet
Juicy Tongkeng
Cotton Candy
Likessss ;p

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Great Weekend!

Hope it is not too late to wish His Majesty a Happy 64th Birthday!Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan memerintah Negara dengan adil!Amin Amin Amin..On the 17th July HM went to KB for ramah mesra bersama rakyat and alhamdulillah everything went well..The weather was so hot and almost all were already ready at KBRC by 8am and HM arrived at around 1030am..

Maself and ma two sisters were there at around 8am and went straight to the padang since I was incharge to snap photos mainly for the JKR choir participants and alhamdulillah I managed!But it was a shame that I didn't managed to take any of HM photos NOT EVEN 1!I couldn't stand the heat as much as I wanted too!Feeling nausea and I failed again this year!Will try again next year Insyallah!Thanks to ma two sisters who were there with me and bought foods & drinks for me *Alhamdulillah*

Had ma rest and nap until mababe woke me up and brought Shish Lamb Kebab for me!Yeayyy Thanks boO *huGz* Alhamdulillah ma apetite is back to SQ1 hehehe..

After eating, resting and watching Andartu *Sorry if the title is wrong* movie, we then headed to Perayaan Bandar..It was raining heavily and alhamdulillah the rain stopped when we reached there..Gerai makanan and gerai jualan are way better then KB!Had our dinner at one of the stalls which is next to Wira *Sorry if I'm wrong* They serves a lot of foods from Nasi Ayam Penyet, Nasi goreng, Nasi & Kambing curry, Noodles and much more!Besides then the usual menu, there are Gearbox, BBQ wings, Tongkeng, lamb also satay which is not bad either!

After cruising around, we then headed to Nazmi Kiarong for kain raya shopping and headed back home finally!Alhamdulillah our journey were blessed and safely arrived!

Yesterday was another day with family but with mababe's!Ambuyat was one of the food serve along with soto and nasi ayam!SUPERB!Was damn bloated afterall and managed to catch up with one another since it's been a while I didn't have the chance to sit and talk with them!hehehe and also had the chance to see new born baby amni who is the daughter of Hj Shafie and Dk Affid..Tiny in size and long in length = Beautiful new born baby girl!

So, I think that's it for now..Have a great day ahead everyone!

But before I end up, please do drive safely since it's a rainy season now and obviously it will be until Hari Raya and even worst end of this year..Do buckle up, Use your indicator, Switch on your headlamp and PLEASE DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm bored and all ma works are done for NOW! ;p So I decided to post something just to ease ma boredom!Hmm..what shall I write about huh?Hmm..Do you guys know that the iPhone 4 costs $2,588.00!YESSS I said it out right!Its like nearly the price of two iPhone 3Gs!Once I got the information about the pricing, I then decided to browse mainly about the price range at UK and US. To ma surprised, here in Brunei they markup more then 1k for the iPhone 4 compare to the price in the UK and States!Thats TOO MUCH dude!If the price range stays that way, I don't think it will be worth it just for a small and sleek PHONE though there offer more interesting features!Besides this first version is not stabilise yet due to the problem with the Internal antenna!

With so much of negativity with the first version of iPhone 4, I don't think it is necessary to buy it yet!Patience is a Virtue guys!=) So as for now I have another good reasons to buy another DSLR over iPhone 4 and until now, there isn't any news yet about the Asian Version iPad which is another frustration!Boooo..

I think that's it for now..It's time for me to go home and transform into chef to cook and prepare lunch for ma family but too bad there isn't any water supply in KB since lastnight until NOW due to some problems arise with the pumps or pipes!Another Boooooo!Hehehe

Have a great day ahead guys..

Glory Glory Spain!

Good Mornin dearest!I'm feeling so GREAT today due to Spain glory this morning!Hehehe..Managed to watch the whole match and it was not as good as i expected but somehow better!Ma dad was the only man in the house watching the football with emotions plus LOUD!I was pretty pissed off until the first and only goal by Iniesta after almost 2 hours of frustrated and emotional match!On the other hand, the Dutch could have win the world cup this year and Robben could scored twice!Whats interesting during the first half was the action did by De Jong which he accidentally gave a beautiful kick right at Xabi chest and was only given yellow card!*Lucky Him*

Enough said about the world cup and I already miss it much!I missed to stay up late just to watch it and being emotional as well as updating status at FB about the progress as well..Will be looking forward for the next worldcup at Brazil in 2014 Insyallah and as for now I need the Spain Away Jersey!A very nice 1 indeed. *BoO belikan me ah!*Hehehe

No more worldcup and its time for DVDs Marathon!Had finished watching Chuck Season 3 and now Grey's Anatomy!Oh, there is this 1 TV series Flash Forward which ma boss had recommend it to me and it was SUPERB!Ain't sure whether there will be another Season 2 but just hope they will produce the continuation!

Alright, this is it for now..Wishing you all the best and have a great day ahead!

Missin you boO *huGz*

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Wuhooo..Finally an update right! I’m so sorry guys! Been so busy with daily life and it ain’t easy but somehow one thing I should be proud of is that I manage to handle it smartly! Work tasks are getting more and more each day and I’m still in ma learning process stage. Able to cope from one meeting and another, able to handle projects at the same time but again there are still a lot to learn from ma office colleagues.

Other then ma daily jobs, I’m now officially one of the Media member and the only female in this group! Proud? Hmm..yeah kinda! But most of all, I love doing it and that’s all that matters! Talking about photography, I think it’s time to buy another DSLR and I’m thinking of buying a full frame next..I have tons of wish lists and I NEED all of them hehehe..

Below are SOME of ma wish lists *Mainly for mababe* ;p

1. iPad 16Gb (Wifi Only or Wifi + 3G)
2. iPhone 4G *Bnd$2588* Not worth for now with that price but STILL! =)
3. Nikon D700
4. Nikkor Lens 80-400mm or 200-400mm
5. iMac or Mac Book Pro

So yeah that’s ma wish lists for now and I hope I can save some money and buy those! 3 out of 5 will be good enough for this year hehehe..Aim high people and start saving now =)

Ma long weekend was SUPERB! Last Friday, me and mababe went to watch Eclipse at The Mall and all I can say is I enjoyed watching it more than the 2nd one! As for this, it is more details on how they actually started to be one of them and more actions as well..Well Done! After movie, went for a Lil retail therapy buying DVDs, CD and Tudung malas for mababe ;p *simple but lawa tapinya* Headed to Swensens for Hitea, had Cheese and Pepperoni pizzas, Banana crumble and Aglio Olio with prawns! Marvellous!!

I’d tried aglio olio from Fleur de Lys, Capers, Villa Mauri and latest were from Swensens! Of all aglios, the most that I love is from FDL and 2nd goes to Swensens, Villa Mauri and lastly Capers! I aint sure if there are any restaurants mainly Italian restaurant do serves this type of pastas! I should go to frats and have a look at their menu for aglio next!

Another great day was Saturday! Able to spend times with lovely family and had a road trip to Miri! Our intention was just to have seafood for dinner at Tanjong Lubang. Since we arrived early, we spend most of our time at Parkson and mababe bought a slipper from Vincci and some stationeries at Popular! Exactly at 530pm, we then headed to Tanjong Lubang and had Sotong masak sambal also Sotong goreng, Kerang Kicap, Udang masam manis, Ketam chilli and 2 types of veges also corn soup for dinner! And yes it’s still early for dinner during that hour hehehe

And as for today, me and mababe start our morning with eating kebab for brunch while waiting for Excapade KB to open at 11am..We loves doing shopping at Supasave regardless of the price sometimes but again its great with all the fresh fruits, veges and varieties! And today mababe officially had her first Ben & Jerry Ice-cream and FINISHED ALMOST ALL by herself! But again it’s ok boO and I’m glad you love it as well! Spend all afternoon watching Chuck Season 3 and now I can’t wait for the next season! I’ve greys anatomy and ghost whisperer next hehehe

Ok guys, that’s all for now! Need to sleep right after this and hoping I can wake up to watch the final later at 230am..

Have a good night everyone and let’s sleep now to watch Spain celebrating their glory later!

Bowling with the Stars

Thanks Mul & Adeey for da treat =)
From Ledt Budeh, Imas, Aneng. Adeey, Lisa and Nana
I know this had been a while but blame the FB for making life easier now especially uploading pictures!Hehe anyway special thanks to our dearest friends Adeey & Mul for the bowling and satay treat that night!Semoga dimurahkan rezeki and murah beranak leng..*hugz*