Sunday, April 27, 2008

Latest Car

X6 Beamer

Country Stats For Da Month of April

Juz wana share wiv every1 da country stats tru out da year from which country dey view ma blog from..

VolleyBall Trainin at MPH

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Ameerah's Birthday 2008

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Happy Bday Sweetie

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Netball Tournament April 2008

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Majlis Persandingan Yawai & Ejah

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dinner + Bowlin

Had our dinner at Swensen but da choice dat we made wasnt good enuf hehe
Cheeze Mussels
Seafood Pizza
Chicken Baked Rice + Cheeze

Bowlin Tym

We played Best of 3 Bowlin hehe..Won for da first set but 2nd n 3rd by MaBabe..*Givin her chance to manang sal cian orang damam hehe*

Spendin Tym wiv da luv 1

Ma Birthday 2007 Surprize by MaBabe's Colleagues..

RECAP.. Tx 2 Nita for da Hi-Tea treat n da surprize..
Dai & Fiance
Diana & Fiance

Hi Tea at Pizzahut


Months ago hehehe


Blood Pressure and Body Temp Checked at Tutong Hospital around 2330

Went to Borneo Clinic today coz it aint gettin better

Pix Durin Our Dinner at Orchid Garden Hotel


Monday, April 21, 2008

Taklimat Orientation For Pekerja-Pekerja Baru Kementerian Pembangunan

Had ma taklimat orientasi for 2 days startin from yesterday n endup 2day..From da taklimat, ders alot of info which is important n i duno til yesterday n was good and infomative but some of da presenter was not well prepared and not presentin it very well *sorry to say*

Da foods was good but da participants wasnt very frendly..sepatah diri betanya sepatah atu jua kana jawab so baiktah diam2 n do ur own business..seriously dats not da way we shud interact wiv one another..bagi salam pun macam membagi salam arah kapir!Inda jua pyh kan sombong baik plang greet orang yang bukan islam bah perasaan ku mereply jua balik wiv a smile ani orang kitani MELAYU malu bah menjawab salam ah..baik tah adang2 besikap cematu a2!Better change da mindset so dat we can live happily togetha in Brunei Darussalam indah permai ani!

Forget bout dat for now hehe..2day we were given a souveniers which is a Tshirt and stickers 2 be stick on da car..hope der will be more upcomin courses hehehe

Ministry Visit to New Zealand

*Concentrate jua hehehe*

Study smart cuz and we wish u all da best always..andangnya d negeri orang byk dugaan untuk di tempuh but do remember tuhan sentiasa di sisi ayt n also we will owez b der to support u..*mish u*huGz*

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Majlis Pernikahan Yawai & Ejah

Barang - barang hantaran dari pihak lelaki
Da Pelamin at Pengantin Lelaki

Da Entertainer
Headin to rumah pengantin perempuan

Kediaman Pengantin Perempuan
Menyerahan Barang - barang hantaran kepada pihak pengantin perempuan
Guling Tangan for Malam Berjaga - jaga & Bersanding

Pengantin lelaki di iring masuk
Bapa Pengantin