Sunday, August 30, 2009

Da Latest D300s

Sungkai at JPCC Tarindak

Kamiam & Mababe's Mum
Newly wed Gpeey & Affidz
Ma Fav Ice Cream
Bubur Lambuk Beras Laila *Thumbs Up*
Grilled Chickens
Went for our first sungkai outin at JPCC Tarindak..Thanks to KaMiam for treatin us and semoga Allah memurahkan lagi rezeki and dalam pelindungan Allah sentiasa..AMIN..

Zafirah Mini Bday Celebration

Happy Birthday ZafirahUpin & Ipin Sengkarai

Trip to gerai ramadhan KB

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Only U

Life is filled with lessons and fortunately none
of us is ever too old to learn..
Sumtyms we just gotta open up our minds and
accept da fact dat lyf is filled wiv pain..
its filled wiv laughter and its filled wiv luv..
i hope u can stay forever which makes dis world a better place..
if for some reasons u should find ur way takes da 1 u luv..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sumthin to share

Its da 8th day puasa today and alhamdulillah everythin went well so far..Had our first sungkai dine out lastnyte at JPCC Tarrindak wiv mababe's family and her sista treat us was a great one tho n more den 200 foods to choose from..but i aint countin it and i dun think its more den 200 as per mentioned..but again da foods is marvellous..grilled wings and lambs were also available..mee kari, mee sup,kuewtiaw, mee goreng, martabak and much2 more hehehe..

Cotton candy and popcorn also available for da kiddos and with da whole lots only costs us $20 per adult and $10 per kiddos..durin our dinner wat i love most was da icecream and bubur lambuk beras laila hehehe..very nice indeed..

Anyway ma dad off to China already last thurs and he was on da paper was a day earlier den da schedule but alhamdulillah everythin is good and well prepared..he will be only back in Brunei on 17th Sept which is roughly 3 days before Hari Raya..

Lately ive heard rumours bout me spreadin at da office but i wont take it seriously coz dey duno wats da real story behind it..n for u who cant keep ur ass from ur own prob den u better pray to Allah to be a better person..just bare in mind dat karma is a bitch and it will bite u in da i assume before it aint too late do MYOB..thanks to ma boss for lettin me noe about dis matter and its a very good decision to tell me bout it..

I dun wana talk much about maself n ma probs coz it wont work out by whinnin too much but again do mind ur own things..organize ur own stuffs before tryin to destroy others..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bulan Ramadhan

Heya guys..Its da 3rd day puasa today and 1st day workin day durin puasa..Alhamdulillah for da 1st three days of puasa went well but as for today i had ma lil gastric but again alhamdulillah i managed to overcome da pain till i break ma fast..

Durin da first day of puasa, BgBoy, KaUmie, Ngangah, Aleeya and Farish came over n sungkai togetha..went to gerai ramadhan KB and ders alot of foods to choose..adirkan sha usin and parut kan makan but do bare in mind dat most of da tym its only nafsu kan makan sha instead of keperluan hehehe..Had a great tym sungkai wiv dem and inda sunyi hehe..

Second day of puasa banyak dugaan melanda..from mornin till nyte ada2 saja but alhamdulillah sungkai went well and i had a great afternoon at da Stadium gerai ramadhan wiv mababe..bought kinda alot of foods maklum nafsu atu byk and last min plan sungkai at mababe's bro at telisai as well as celebratin his son birthday..

As for today maself, mababe, Aneng and Nana went to Tutong's gerai ramadhan wer we bumped into Nani and first inda lah jua perasan it was dem but i had dis feelin dat dey were kinda close and sengaja meliat sambil berkata "Hati buyah seringgit ah" hahahah..rupa2nya durang tah udah 2..and i was kinda banggang sal meliat hubby nani besagum?*luruskah*..iatah as well batah meresponsed jua hehehe..nice to see u both around..

As soon as lapas membeli penyungkaian, i went back home to KB and sungkai wiv ma family..had ayam goreng, udang masak merah, sayur tanghoon and few kuihmuih for sungkai..Ma dad will be leavin us again for work which will be roughly bout 3 weeks and will be only back to Brunei 2 days before hari raya..hope everythin will be fine..

I know its only da 3rd day of puasa but we already made few preparations for hari raya since dad will be away..livin room and kitchen is fully organized except da blind for da kitchen and dinin room..i have da intention to bring ma mum n sistas to KK while ma dad is away but since ma mum is a teacher so alum kena lapaskan keluar negeri..we mite join our big bro BgBoy to Miri for ma 2 sistas to buy shoes / for me i dun have much to buy since i'd bought shoes already durin our KL trip recently..

I think dats it for da update as for now..hope u will have a great day durin bulan ramadhan yang mulia ini..semoga amalan kita diterima oleh allah sentiasa AMIN..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Nan

Happy Birthday 2 our dearest fren Nani..its her 2*th bday hehehe..semoga dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umur dan dikurniakan anak yang soleh and solehah again..Happy always with ur bloved hubby Jai and Gorgeous Daughter Nadia..Semoga sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah..AMIN..

Baby Najwa after becukur rambut..