Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bad Day OR ???

I duno wetha its been a bad day or wat..BUT da worst thing was dat ma ticket 2 KL had been cancel by RBA..Departure on da 10th is not a problem but goin back to Brunei on da 12th is sickenin..D travel agent should inform me earlier dat i have to issue da ticket ASAP but instead dey cancel it directly without informin me anythin..Der is some tickets available but da price is quite frustrating..da promotion price was $435 wer as DIS MORNIN ONLINE was $511 and AFTERNOON PRICE INCREASE TO $586..darnnnnn..Now ive to wait for tomorow coz dat guy promize to follow up wiv me regardin da promo price of $405..Mudahan saja tuhan mengizinkannya..

Anyway lets dun think about dat..as usual i went to office and prepare all of ma work stuffs..submittin ma 2nd payment wiv a colour diagram to show a VERY CLEAR PICTURES of inspected area..out for inspection at rakyat jati regardin da railin and bertegang urat lagi wiv contractor tambi sal drg undercoat sha railing atu instead of cleanin it first..setaie lagi usulnya cegak pinggang!!Mun nda ko d brunei ani alum ko kaya..banartah..anyway he promise to clean ot first from da very start to da very end..

Went to perayaan KB wiv ma family except ma dad coz he had to inspect da gerai perayaan along wiv da immigration people..I had laksa again hehe p 2day alhamdulillah inda berapa byk liur kan makan..Afta fillin up ma tummy, i went to scb to pay ma creditcard bill coz da due date is today..yeeehhaaaa..selalu bah last min a2..heheh

Afta dat went straight back home took ma shower and start bloggin..try 2 login 2 ma msn but time error..anyway ive sumthin special dz tym..hehehe da pix below is kinda interestin..to u people out der tau2 tah saja ah..me ani inda karit..if ada sumthin interestin i will let da whole world noe if dapat jua..bukan plang apa yg baik jadikan amalan and yg nda baik atu djadikan contoh kepada diri sendiri, keluarga and kawan2..ENJOY

*The picture that you are trying to view has a virus*

Monday, July 30, 2007

Family Recapz

Ma Dad at Riyadh

Ma Dad Surprise Bday

MaBabe's Parents Celebratin Bday

StarGazers ReCaPz..











Yesterday 29th July 2007, i went to Majlis Ilmu which is at da ICC wiv ma family..Da majlis ilmu is quite interestin especially da best part was at da ilmu hitam thingy *cant remember wats da specific word* hehehe..I found alot of new info and i can see clearly all da stuffs which dey used for the spell and magic..sigh..*bedosa besar 2* I captured few photos which i can share wiv u guys..well ders alot actually but its wise 4 u 2 actually go der and c it by urself..

Bsides from that, another thing which attract was da astronaut thingy wer by da guy explained us regardin da planets..stars..moon and sun..Its worth to noe sumthin new den not knowin at all..ryte??

Gambar2 di atas was used for the pemujaan orang2 ahli sihir bagi sesuatu perkara seperti membawa rezeki yang lebih, mendapat jodoh, tenaga batin yang kuat and much more..

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wen we awake, i was surpriz dat ada shape tinga ma babe arah ma arm heheh..her tempy wasnt really reducin i gez..

First of all sorry to all stargazers members coz we ain't comin over lastnyte for da meetin..Maself had tahlil at ma grandma place n ma babe has a high fever..Anyway exactly at 10am im off to ttg 2 visit ma babe and brought her 2 da hospital for check up..Well nothin much bout her sicknez its juz dat da doc advice to come for review durin office hour for further checkup..He afraid her headache and back pain is due to our last accident which was 3 years back..MaBabe was given 2 days MC from da doc so dat she cud really rest at home..

Send her back home afta da checkup and went to hotmart to get some items..Ma baby cravin for longan, lychee and rambutan cocktails..besides i bought her cool fever so dat her temperature can goes down slowly..she's aint eatin much and drinkin..sigh =(..

Anyway i wont be long stayin over at her place due 2 weather not so fine diz lately..ive told her dat i wana bring her back 2 kb but she's reluctant so wat can i do?nothin much tho..but i feel sad due 2 her reluctant joinin me goin back and again she's not feelin well probly stayin at her house can help her for fast recovery..

Actually ders alot of stuffs i need to do dz week but seems like none of it have been done..first need to go to frabica for da wallpaper thingy..2ndly settlin ma bills and much more..too much to mention hehehe..I think i betta off for now..need to have some sleep..will be keep on updatin some other times..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Its quite a borin day 2day..got nothin 2 do at work but yet hafta do some work in other words find work to be done..hehehe..Plannin 2 go out for inspection this mornin but da weather seems to be not so good..rainin cats & dogs everywer..Updatin ma logbook and ma notes is wat i did 2day as well as early preparation for 3rd payment.

Feelin sad coz ma baby is not feelin well 2day..her knee got twisted again lastnight wer im not around wen she's in pain..sigh..2day she's cold n have a high fever..again sigh..she went back early at around 1130am n call me up 2 tell me dat she's home..i comfort her n ask her 2 take her medi n go to bed so dat she can relax physically and mentally..im sure she's tired wiv her daily schedule..school work..volleyball..doin house chores since her maid went back home..takin good care of me..ma work preparation etc..*huGz* tx baby for bein der n preparin everythin 4 me without any sigh..

What i wana say is dat im truly grateful dat i have u..bein der wiv me wen i need u most..shoulder 2 cry on..listenin ears..ders no others in dz entire world baby..im missin u badly now baby, lyin in ma bed thinkin of u n watchin da tym passin by..gtg now leavin 4 work..

Monday, July 23, 2007

Kursus 2 Days

Startin 2day and 2morow i will be attendin course at Kementerian Pembangunan Trainin Centre..It's a full day course which is about etika n tata tertib kerja..Da penceramah is Hj Kassim..He's quite good tho and he had his degree at da age of 45 years old n juz graduated last year n now continuing his master n nex PhD..dat really prove dat education can be achieve tho at a very l8 age..

Ok back to ma course..it was overall ok for 2day p nda tau lah cemana 2morow..from 8 till 930am we listened to his motivation talk n den had a short break mamam meegrg, ayam grg, kuih seri muka, teatarik and water..afta short break we start wiv brain stormin section wer we were ask to form a 4 groups..wiv diz group we were given a pictures which is a chain and a bird..wiv da pictures, ideas have to be point out regardin wat we c which need us to really think out of da box..

Overall from the course, it really motivates me to be a better person in a way of how to manage ma work, time, family and also work environment..

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tirin' Week

Fuhhhh..its been a very tirin week..busy wiv all stuffs..work..family..luv 1..much more..Baru 2day i have da chance to actually spend ma day wiv ma babe atupun consider as from 9am till 2pm..den alan2 wiv ma family from 2pm till 4pm..n back wiv ma babe alone from 4 till 2morow mornin..

Ok..first thing is work..i was given another project to handle so now the whole Belait n Seria district is under me..probly it sounds "na..its juz a small area" but actually NOTTT..juz imagine KB area n den masuk lagi Rasau n Sg Tujoh Border..darnnn..but anyway i like dz job..its quite challengin tho n hafta byk sabar dgn kerenah boss especially, contractors to b deal wiv n paper work to do..2 payments 2 b made every month n once wivin 2 days hafta go out for inspection..Friday n Sunday do included if its necessary..Cbuk kan!But now alhamdulillah ive manage ma time which is mornin for all da paper work n afternoon mainly for inspection if its necessary..Dealin dgn tambi ani lagi pyh!cakap pun paksa style tambi!ilang bah melayu ku yg terror ani hahahah..mana dgn penipuan drg!inda tah kan pandai belurus n again ia memberikan satu pengajaran n pengalaman yg baik untuk menempuh kehidupan sehariannn..eseeeehhh hahaha

Oryte..da nex thing is family..been spendin wiv ma family lately ani since ma dad baru balik dari aussie iatah bemanja2 sementara ia alum kana antar g ke aussie n ma mum n sis has an early plan udah kan ikut if ma dad kana antar tym cuti skulah heheh perasaaannn mau tah jua kan ikut =p well probly ma babe kan join x jua but takut jua ia!ukan plang takut apa..takut ia nangis katanya hahah..its up 2 her wetha 2 join or not anyway..Went for perayaan on da 15th at bdr kan liat2 cucul n alan2 lah taruz liat bungi apa p kajap lah sha..n den da nex day went to kb perayaan n continuosly sampai lastnight..

Lastly is ma baby boo..i noe tym isn't like b4 wer we used to be balik from work seein each other n spendin da nyte 2getha..everythin change now eversince im at KB..back to ma home town baby wer mababe will be sleepin over every thur or sat n spend da day togetha..2day me n ma babe had bfast at DKM mamam dimsum n kuewtiaw wer s ma babe mamam ginger beef..afta dat headin 2 home centre at porza furniture 2 survey tv cabinet 4 family small livin rum which will be change to our home theater room..hehe cant wait to be transform..

Afta dat went to qqestore coz ma sis is gettin her bf a monthly anniversary gifts..i think shes gettin da aeroplane control x..ntahlah rundingan ia tadi malas kan masuk campur kekeke..lapas2 dari sana tarus ke thomson..anyway ada da cabinet which me n ma dad suka..its lorenzo brand kaya + glass = Perfect Choice..da price pun lawa lah jua $855 hehehe..but not sure yet wetha we r gettin dat one or survey dtempat lain lagi..maklum lah puas2 survey dulu baru puas hati kan!

Wen surveyin is done, ma babe's plan was to have hitea wiv ma family but ma mum nda mau sal ia lapar banget n kan mamam nasi so me n ma babe decide 2 bring dem to nasi kandar penang which is located at bunut..as always makananya memang nyaman ada umphhh p luan padas a2 iatah kalah sedikit p abiz lah jua makan n our late lunch cost $40..

Survey pun udah..makan pun udah kami pun bepacah coz im sleepin over at ma babe's place tonight..our plan was actually kan alan2 ke perayaan tutong but ribut tiba2 melanda n ujan turun dgn labat selabatnya..so ukan tah rezeki kan bejalan kesana!Ma babe shopin bli kasut tupap again d charles & keith..

Owh yeah b4 i end up, im sure ada lah 2 - 3 org stargazers members baca ma blog n 4 da info aku belurih udah voucher $10 (2 pieces) Charles & Keith..yg lain2 ari2 akan datang g mengunjar..sekian laporan untuk hari ini..wabilahitaufiqwalhidayah wassalammualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ma Upcomin Target Phonez


Ok..now its time 2 let u guys outder 2 b updated wiv da latest gadgets..


A great way to reduce messy cables on your table and save the cable-plugging hassles. The kind of convenience that once you got used to, you’ll never look back!

NOKIA 8800


The Nokia N82 is a candybar phone that features:
  • Quad-band GSM
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • TV-out
  • FM radio
  • microSD
  • Front VGA camera
  • 5-megapixel back camera with Carl Zeiss lens and auto focus
  • Series 60 3rd edition

If sliders are what you like, there is also the Nokia N81 (pictured black).


  • 8GB of flash memory
  • N-Gage gaming
  • 2-megapixel camera
  • Quad-band EDGE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
  • Series 60 3rd Edition

Both phones will supposedly launch in Q4 this year, probably at a not-so-wallet-friendly price.


The PowerShot S5 IS also features:
  • 8-megapixel
  • Stereo sound recording
  • DIGIC III processor
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 2.5-inch LCD
  • Face Detection for auto-focus
  • Support for SDCH/SD and MMC memory cards

Today & Yesterday

2nyte im stayin over at mababe's houz coz her parents is celebratin deir birthday..actually ders alot of stuffs 2 b share but sabar ahh..if ada masa i will upd8 u guys..so far apa yg ada iatah dulu hehehe..

Oh yeah i almost 4got dat yesterday we went to jed's weddin at telisai..she really luk like a doll ehehe..anyway her husband is one of da dpmm player c jimbo kah namanya nda sure lah jua..hope im ryte tho..dey juz luk great..dapat layanan istimewa lagi kami makan ddapur kana edangkan hehehe..durin drg basuh kaki kami pun balik n went straight to bdr..actually kan singgah ke penapar but den wen we called inda tia pyh dtg coz da function selasai sdh so telajak tah jua ke bdr =p..

It was a long q at bibd maklum baru kan wivdrw duit gaji heheh n not to say dat at gdg area it was totallllyyy ALOT of people..padahal exhibition nya balik2 jua yg sama nada perubahan..bruneiiii..wakeuppppp make sumthin dfrent..i dun think its so dfcult 2 organize sumthin dfrent n amazin..

Anyway afta dat we went straight back homeeeeee sal kan membubut masa g 4 da picnic wiv da rest of da memberz..

Stargazers @ Pantai Seri Kenangan Tutong

First of all it was amazin..it was great tho inda berapa lama kami gathered sama drg since ive 2 go back kb wiv ma babe but we had fun..hehehe cowei inda ikut u guys main hehehe pemalu bah alai ani hahaha..anyway tx 2 every1 who eva make it happen yesterday!

Anyway probly we gona have meetin dz comin thur about our tourney n insyallah mayb ada bbq p alum confirm lah jua..will make confirmation sooner 2 days b2 thur which is esok 2 ah hehehe..juz miz da moment we hangout 2getha..playin..teasin..laughin..n much more..