Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Friday

Last Friday when i was headin to mababe's house, ders dis vios car dark grey in colour which i overtake earlier at da Lumut ByPass..afta da traffic lyte at Sg Liang and towards da end of dual junction road, i was slowed down due to give a way to da other car which was on ma front left..out of ma expectation, at da very end of da junction dat bloody hell vios car overtake me from da left and nearly hit ma car where by i'd to move ma car to da ryte side..Luckily der isnt any car headin to KB mun nda??Belanggar jua kami 2 n dat man who drove da vios wud be selamat!!

Djadikan cerita, i wasnt satisfied and jantan kan mati a2 keep on overtake kereta2 yang didapan dengan cara yg kurang ajar!!Tryin to cool down but still inda puas at dat tym i saw him masuk ke kadai runcit ampir KK Koya Telisai and i waited for him n approached him as soon as ia sudah siap membeli..

Im not proud of wat im doin here but i dun wan we as perempuan kana treat sesukahati oleh dos type of drivers especially lelaki who always look down on how we dengan hati yang marah, its easy for me to talk to him..

Me : Ingat kita masih kan kereta ku ani?
Idiot Man : Au kenapa?Apa Masalah mu?

Me : Baik sudah 2 kita ingat ah, sadarkah kita apa yg kita buat tadi 2?Tau kita its da end of road kah sudah tadi 2?Mun aku inda kesiring lagi abis bah 2 kita melanggar kereta ku cuma2!n who gonna pay for it?Aku inda ku mau alah 2 jua with orang yg kurang ajar macam kita ani!!
Idiot Man : Inda jua papa kereta mu a2 kenapa tah ko kan banyak cakap ani!

Me : Inda plang kita melanggar but wat if kita melanggar?Inda kita tau kah cara kita ani kurang ajar??Patutnya kita orang tua mesti show a good example ani inda plang makin tua makin tah pulang kan kurang ajar!!Inda kita lagi beotak kan befikir cemana kan drivin ani??Or maybe ure too old n u cudnt think ryte!!Better jan drive lagi!!
Idiot Man : Eh patutnya ko perempuan, jaga cara mu becakap a2 bukan nya kan becakap cemani sama orang tua2!

Me : Jadinya just because of im a gurl kita sesukati kan drive and treat kami perempuan ni sesukahati sha kah?Baik sudah 2 befikir cematu ah!!n sadar jua kita yg diri a2 tua so da easiest way is dat for u not to drive anymore!!Mun sepuluh saja manusia macam kita ani abiz merana user jalan raya yang lain..
Idiot Man : Bah dang keakhiran ku sudah ni, since ur car pun inda papa sudah tah ah!

Me : Pandai kita keakhiran ah!Mun tau keakhiran ani kan sembahyang jumaat alhamdulillah mun nganya kan jadi pembully jalan raya and ada tujuan yang inda baik2 inda selamat 2 kita dalam perjalanan ah..
Idiot Man : He simply left me without sayin anythin..

Again, im not proud of wat i did but please guys dun bully us on da road..bukanya kami inda pandai drivin!else we wont be given license from da JPD..we are tryin to tolerate sama orang lain jua and kami tah kan befikiran kan selamat sha wer as yg lain cuai inda jua tani dapat selamat..prevention is better people..

So please please drive safe all da tym..

Neighbour's Weddin

Menahan lapar hehehe
Fifi wiv Baby Najwa *Photo By Amat*
Anim with Baby Najwa *Photo by Amat*
Fifi & Atein ;p

Cruisin around at Perayaan Bandar

Crocs *1st Grade or low grade*
Lips Shape Phone
Thumb Tack Lamp
Slipper shape handbag
Cool Drink Storage but aint worth for $150
Wiv her new bag for upcomin terawih
Sotong Tutuk
Loves da satay *Next to Mulaut Stall*
Nasi Goreng CornBeef *Thumbs up*

Lunch at Ice Bar

Last Fri me & mababe went out to pamper firstly i fetched mababe at her house den headed to IceBar Cafe for steamed boat was our first tym and i must said dat it was really great..a new place and a new environment..

Afta lunch, we went to have our retail theraphy..well not much to buy since we are in Brunei heheh..bought mababe a shoe and few kains..our main intention was to buy an armani shades but unfortunately mababe and ma 2 sistas doesnt like it..hmm..