Monday, October 29, 2007

BBQ Nyte

Had a BBq nyte last Sat at adeey's house celebratin her bro bday Eboy..Happy Bday..i had kuih mor *nyaman banar dey eh nex year buatkan ahhh hehe* bbq chicken which is nyaman also p parut ani inda berapa sangup menerima coz full sdh..i had indomie b4 actually went to ur houz hehe sal lapar banget dat tym..tho kami inda berapa batah dsana we had so much fun dgr org karoake n yg mahalnya adeey menyanyi jua nganya suara nya tengelam oleh da relative hehehe..gambar2 p alum sampat upload doz pix *will do it later insyallah kalau nada papa..* n beibun2 *Luv dat*

Sambil2 becerita liat persembahan bunga api pun ada..p inda berapa byk lah shots nya i guess it was only less den 10..stargazers yang ada dat tym was maself n mababe, emal, aneng & ebih, amy & saiful, ejahadix & yawai well not forgettin adeey & mul lah coz drg yang menjemput kami..tx adeey & mul for invitin us 2 ur bbq nyte..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


First of all tx 2 ma babe for gettin me da slim & light PSP WHITE colour again heheh..dat psp was for ma regular atendance comin to office before 745am..hehehe effective eh hadiah ah..suka alai hahahah ;p but sumtyms ada jualah dtg ahir inda jua every workin hour fixed dat tym n dat will be a lie if dat so..

Secondly i bought E90 Mocha Colour yesterday..baru tah dtg stock nya a2pun arah Incomn..tempat lain alum lagi ada p alhamdulillah tertunai lah sudah apa yg d hajati and now waitin 4 ma SLR which is a headdddd pending..sighh..

Anyway im glad i cud be wiv ma baby 2day spendin da tyms 2getha..updatin 1 another and i miz da laughter not forgettin da arguments hahahha *nadawahhhhh beehhh ;p* huGz n missin u babe..
I duno wetha dz apply to every1 or only me but once da person we luv is far from our sight tho near to our heart we gona flash back all da memories 2getha..da shoppin, cookin, washin, entertainin one another n everythin..dat shows dat we really in to da person we luv ryte..but y once da arguments happen we tend to swear da 1 we love, curse and all doz negative stuffs playin in our head?Aint love is 1 of da important ingredients in da relation?Can luv overcome everythin?*wonderin*

Anyway dat was nothin..saja for us to think nothin interestin + alum rajin kan upload gambar from our mobile phones..Owh yeah b4 i forgot i would like to congratulate ma cuzy Fatul for kana risik2 and dat was da 1st time happened to our family which dat guy taruz2 without notice kan merisik kekeke..dadynya pun tot org kan dtg beraya ;p..


Assalammualaikum pembuka kata bagi memulakan postin baru hehehe..its been a great day, great week, great month and semuanya lah great hehehe..went out juz now wiv da luvly accompany hehe kamu2 taulah 2 ah sapa..faham2 sendiri aje..ceta2 siokkkk..mengimbas masa lalu hahahha :p baru jua brapa hari / minggu inda jumpa kekeke..anyway i had fun guys tho kajap..kan hangout batah2 nda jua dapat coz masing2 jua ngalih p will dine out lagi nanti if ada labih2 rezeki ayt..

For ma Hari Raya dz year quite good..happenin lah jua ehheh n only received few green packets *nda sadar diri* hehehe..i juz duno y im quite bored lately ani i mean in terms of entertainment.. boring lah nda happenin..can we have sumthin new in Brunei?Bowlin pun jauh kan d aga, pool d sini ani inda lagi siok panuh bau sigup n kids yg ada kalanya kurang2 ajar n annoyin..entahlahhh..

Ok pix above was taken wen we had sungkai wiv da stargazers and tau2lah sapa sha yg ada..others ada yg sama family gpun kan ampir2 ujung puasa sudah so every1 is bz with family, bloved ones and frens..anyway we had so much fun tho tubuh nda ramai heheh..nda percaya?cuba liat pix atas betapa gembiranya dan seronoknya kami heheheh..

*MUL napa gambarnya kecikkkk..aku mau yg original size..can??* hehe

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I wud like to wish all da muslims especially to ma family, babe and ma friends a SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN..Segala salah dan silap harap d maafkan..Yang termakan dan terminum pun harap d halalkan jua k..

For ma first raya it was marvellous..had fun wiv ma families and our destination dari KB to Bandar arah ma cuzy house..Di rumah ma granny baca doa selamat and bejarah wiv every1 yang ada also not forgettin begambar..well its a MUST to take pictures hehehe..

After havin our foods cathcin up wiv one another, we den headin to Tutong arah ma aunt's was really tirin journey!From KB to Tutong pun sudah tetidur2..While waitin 4 ma other aunty 2 arrived, maself had another nap sigh..really tirin..Once da family is completed we den went to our relatives houses before headin to bandar..

Really dz year is so simple but great..nothin fancies me alot but i really had fun and missin ma babe wish ma babe cud join me but its still da 1st raya tho..Anyway dats all for now!will have more update sooner..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

BirthDay Preeziess

SONY T200Psp Slim & Light EditionHardisk Casing Nike Mp3 & Watch

Giorgio Armani Limited Edition

Ehem bday inda plang lagi batah n im expectin doz cool gadgets to be mine..well inda plang mengharap orang lain kan belikan but insyallah i will get doz stuffs slowly lah since da Giorgio Armani and da nike watch + mp3 will be out nex year..Psp Slim & Light edition White colour will be comin new stock nex week hehe dat will be ma advance prezie..Will update dz again coz ders alot to add hahaha..*babe dz will be ma wishin list* huGz

Sungkai Again

Me & Ma Babe
Zehan & Lia
Da Seafood Paradise
Ma Durian
Had sungkai wiv Lia & Zehan at Seafood Paradise..Barutah ada kesempatan kan sungkai sama - sama..Overall it was not bad and puas jua makan udang, katam and sotong pluz limau nya manis n kek batik nya nyaman p me inda ampit sal ada org siok sendiri makan inda meningali apa2 hehehe and lastnight went out sungkai jua wiv ma babe juz da two of us at season..Season nda pyh comment lah andang slalu sdh dsana and it was good..Nganya minumanya semalam nada oren others was great..ALSO I ATE DURIAN hehehe..Nyamannnn barutah ma babe blikan and give green lite to eat durian selepas sekian lama nya hahaha

Medical Leave

Had a medical leave last week on da 3rd and 4th due to ma unbearable terible migraine..sigh..went to Tutong Hospital n was given 2 days off..da medication which given by da doc was migraleve. It was colourful tho hehehe which is yellow and pink..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

During Durian Season

This was durin durian season and da location was at benukan *correct me if im wrong* which was 1 of da distrcit before bintulu..It was really great i mean it..da durian was fantabulous seriously and worth it..we had 7 durians durin our stop at benukan and brought back some for granny and relatives..*sha-sha pun*

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

L u R V e

The time has come for me to express my true feelings

You are the center of my thoughts and the essence of my being

What you have brought me I never thought I could procure

The gift of comfort, with you I am secure

For you have lifted me up from a life filled with sorrow

And made me realize there is always a better tomorrow

It amazes me how someone can make me feel this way

I love you more and more with each passing day

You brighten my days and lift my spirits

I have felt this for so long and now want you to hear it

So you may know the place you hold in my heart

You are always with me even when we're apart

I truly believe what we have is meant to be

Just open your heart and soon you shall see

What I am willing to do to keep a smile on your face

Just know that I'm here and will be always

T + I + R + E + D

T.I.R.E.D is da best word to describe me dz days..ive loads of stuffs to share but juz make it simple and quick ayt..

  • Had sungkai wiv Adeey & Mul at Coffeezone Gadong
  • Play bowlin wiv ma baby
  • Adeey and ma babe bought guess handbag and a pair of sandal


  • Sungkai wiv ma family at Rizqun International Hotel
  • Earlier ambil baju raya..mine was 3 and hers was 5 =)
  • Got pissed sal ma kain raya SALAH DBUATNYA DARN..asked him 2 redo balik n wan it 2 b done sooner..SIGH


  • Had meetin at da office
  • Sungkai at ma babe's house
  • Cruisin at Huaho Petani Tutong
  • Antar baju ma babe for alteration
  • Fittin baju at Hasla and hafta do some alteration

I think dats it for today..owh btw i heard we will be receivin our salary again on either 9th or 10th or b4 mid month of October..i duno wetha its juz a rumours but if its true, it will be like 40 days ahead waitin for another payday for November..Worth or Not?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bowlin + ClepOver + Sungkai + Sahur + Swimmin + Shoppin

Last friday we had stargazer's day out..We checked in at Palm Garden Hotel at around 12pm and hafta pay deposit for $300 which is a 100 per room..Da room was quite ok nganya tilamnya karas nada spring n not even foam type..sakit lah jua belakang tidur p nyaman jua tidur sampai ke siang coz lalah a2 jua x ahh..

While waitin for ma babe facial and mul sembahyang jumat we bought some lunch for ourselves hehehe..makan nasi ayam kami yoo sama minum coke hehehe..pasal nasi ayam ani cali lah *adatah 2 ceritanya o kawan oooo..* banyak lah jua ceta2 about lyf wiv adeey sambil2 makan a2 n passed da tym..

Around 2pm kami pun alan ambil ma babe lapas facial d bdr..everywer stranded..ramai banget due to terima a2 x jua and every1 is doin deir shoppin for hari raya preparation..Headin to SoonLee to browse some items sambil2 menungu 345pm kan main bowlin..

Tick..Tock..its 345pm so we headin to utama bowlin..sdh sampai sana kami pun cbuk2 begambar and milih bola wer nda batah a2 dtg aneng and ebih pas2 slowly every1 comes..Actually ders only 3 teams for da bowlin tourney eventually byk org yg nda dapat dtg so kana pacah kan balik n jadi 4 teams..Not really bepacah dari group asal nganya yg da other group was da lastmin group yg join dat day and tx 2 u guys for menambahkan team lagi..

Bout winnin inda pyh cakap lah well we got 1st place dari belakang kkekek..sebenarnya 3rd place p entah pasal ada technical problem iatah jadi 4th..mengalah lah saja kami maklum orang baik2 hahahha..

Afta bowlin we headed to Food Court for sungkai..not much choices p kanyang lah jua..not a buffet anyway but sanak hantap parut ku dari ku makan buffet keke..Afta food court we guys went to The Mall alan2 cuci mata shopin mappin p nada kan dbeli coz inda lawa2 itemnya..Baik plang belayar bah banar tah mun ada cuti..stuck in Brunei is so not sayin dat aku mampu kan belayar all da tym but banar eh mun kan beli baju suar kasut and all doz stuffs, i still prefer buyin it overseas..jantah tamak and jauh2 ke Spore Kl o KK sha besyukur tah ku..

Anywayyyy..lapas2 dari mall kami pun headin to da hotel sal kan suming..airnya nauzubillah sajuk banget n inda ku pernah tho swimmin malam kajar2 semua badan ku but it was fun..swimmin wiv adeey, nana and babe and ading inda mau join coz it was quite late x jua or to be specific ading sibuk dating heheheh..

Half n hour of swimmin kami pun naik semula keatas n had our shower..Kononya kan mamam dimsum for sahur p ada yg nda sangup makan coz its kinda of inda mengenyangkan and quite ngalih jua kalau kan makan dsana tho its we change plan and went to pasar malam gadong to grab some foods for n babe bought nasi wiv ayam quarter sharin and minum also not forgettin tungking ayam..nyum nyum *Slluuuuurrrrppp*

Reached hotel kite orang pun mamam..tot kan mamam ramai2 p drg inda sal takut lapar da nex day nya so kami sha lah sahur awal wer s drg had deir sahur at 330am..Mana tah jua badan inda mau damit mun lapas makan tarus clep hehe makin plang bertambah bulat nya saye =) seriously lapas kami makan kami tdur..Caya??inda??auuu tau ku kamu caya kan hehe

Ders some shots taken masa kami main bowlin and sungkai d food court..masa kami suming alum me ambil dari hp nana n hope nana inda delete ler yeeee..