Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to all families, friends and readers =) Hope this year bring more prosperity, loves, happiness, wealth and longevity to all of us Amin amin amin..How's your New Year celebration?Ours?Hehehe don't ask and I'm sure you don't want to know as well!But nevermind, Just get it straight that we slept early which was 2 hours before NYE hehehe..Tired much but it was a GREAT DAY and a GREAT start for 2011..

Had breakfast in the mornin and went to Telisai for Majlis Berdikir then headed to Polo Beach Restaurant for family dinner..We were the only families who had dinner at Polo Beach that night so we can eat as much as we can since its buffet as well and its worth it but the only disadvantage was, the same foods was bein served except one or two dishes which was differ from the 1st time we dined in with Budeh..

During the NYE, we went for Majlis berdikir and Berkhatan in the afternoon and went to The Mall to catch up Tourist movie!It was great but less actions!Bleurggggg!More story line but again 1 thumbs up!After movie, went for Hi-tea at Aneka Rasa Kiulap and lastly to Yayasan before attending Birthday Party also Doa Selamat at Bukit Beruang..

It was another GREAT day spent with ma boO and thanks so much for the Vulcan Strike NERF boO..Assembled it lastnight and bought batteries D Size which cost me $19.90 for 2 adapter with rechargable batteries and its Enelope..Bought 6 batteries and it left a hole in ma purse ;p

Its ok rather then buying batteries frequently by which you can actually save by using rechargable batteries so yeah no regret!Have 3 collections of NERF already and looking forward for the Long Blast again *winKz ma boO*

Hope everyone had a great start and looking forward for a better days ahead..

Till then, Enjoy life to the fullest! ;D