Saturday, May 30, 2009

Very First Indoor Photo Session

Y do we had dz photo session?Hehehe one of da reason was we were jobless n we dun have much things to do besides den eatin, movies n mababe decide to have da photo session juz da 2 of us..*Buang Tebiat* hehehe but i lyk da outcome tho heheh..we plan to have an outdoor photo session wiv sistaz as well maybe before puasa..*insyallah*

Trunch at Swensens

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Hawaian Pizza Banana Crumble
Fb-in' while waitin for da foods

Starz Sushi Dinner

Me & Mababe
Luvly Hubby & Wifey Emil & Ebih
Aneng & Lisa
Telatah Suami Isteri Mul & Adeey
Ebi Tempura
It was a last mins plan to have dinner togetha at Excapade Sushi Gadong..nasib masih ada seats p long table sha since all VIP rooms were fully booked..Alhamdulillah kanyang jua mamam n we had fun as always..mana pandai kurang meriah mun sudah ramai2 mamam sama2..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stargazers Vs Ivy

Stargazers Vs Ivy - Image taken from Rano

Dinner at Suran Tutong

Mababe wiv da all tym fav ayam penyetImas & Nana
Nasi Ayam Penyet
Afta tourney me, mababe and nana went to Suran Tutong which is located in front of Fillin Station Tutong to have our dinner..Dis place is our fav spot to dine in if we are cravin for Nasi Ayam Penyet or starvin durin late night..Da foods is quite nice as well..

IS300 Showroom

Afta Setia Motors tourney last week 24th May 2009, me n mababe went to IS300 showroom to collect a Lexus IS300 tshirt which mababe had won it from KFM quiz..Congrates baby n btw da tshirt is very nice..

Setia Motors 24th May 2009 Part I

PAIPA Sarah, Imas & PA Mena
Aneng & Ita
Tini & Imas
Ejah Kaka
Budeh & Endoi
Ebih & Saren
Nana & Endoi
Emi in actions
Emi & Bulat
Mababe in actions
Ita & Endoi
PAIPA Sarah & Baby Darwish
Princess Azimah
Aneng & Princess Azimah