Monday, July 28, 2008


Verdict B-

Verdict B-

Had a kinda mini movie marathon wer me n ma babe watched Journey to the centre of the earth earlier and Dark knight wiv aD & Mul, Nana & Ebih also da 2 of us..I kinda have a negative thought for the Journey movie but surprisingly it wasnt like i expect!It was a good one for Dark Knight it was a good one but kinda not so suitable to a lil one and aint anythin like in da comic as aD said..da only thing was dat da duration for da movie was quite long which is 2.5 hours but we really enjoyed it..

Afta movie we went to Jerudong 2 eased our hunger..i had kuewtiaw n 3 glasses of drinks which was orange squash, lychee and cold water..kekeke..i noe its kinda alot but normal for maself!we had a good laughter n da main character was aD..she was so damn hyper lastnight n din stop tellin jokes was a good one tho..headed home from JP was around 12 hahaha..macam hari ani ina keraja bah..Dey nanti g ko belawak ah hehe..p semua lah becali semalam tym makan ah xcept c mul pemalu..hmm..pemalukah??hehehe..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gerai Perayaan Tutong

Da Gerai wer we dine-in
Me n ma sis
Kerang masak kicap
Cangkok manis

Satay ayam & daging

Kinda new..patung pakai tudung..

Cute watches..*da heart shape taken*
Burger $1..*Not Bad* alum telawan ahad's burger hehe

Sotong tutuk *I heard iatah sotong tutuk yang paling nyaman d Tutong*

Ma family went down to Tutong nganya kan makan di gerai perayaan Tutong all da way from KB n lapas dinner balik hahah..bekarih banar wer s maself im clepin over Ttg..we juz had our steamboat n early dinner wivin an hour..mana nda kanyang parut ah hehe..i had burger seingit sha n minum air kelapa..nda g dapat dipajal but im kinda starvin ryte now n mababe clep dah..hmm..

SteamBoat at MyPlaceCafe


Blended WheatGrass

Butter milk prawn

For SteamBoat

Delicious Tomyam Soup

Last Nyte at Gerai Perayaan KB

Bg boy, Kaumi, Leya & Baby Farish went down to KB yesterday..Instead of liat tanglong we spend tym 2getha jalan2 arah gerai perayaan at KB..we really had a good tym tho melayan karenah c lating ah hehe..

Aleeya wiv her gulali
Ma parents enjoyin deir soto and gearbox respectively

Da Happy Family

From Left Farish *Dalam Stroller*, KaUmi, Aleeya & BgBoy

Soup Gearbox *Must Try*

Ma 2 luvly sistaz

Fav Cakoi *Cakoi Sumbat Ayam* Only Available at KB

Scooters and Sound System

Da Shuffle *sorry if im wrong* Dancers


Baby Farish Aiman *Nda ngusut bisai dbawa jalan*

Aleeya Bouncer Tymmm

Luk tired p masih nda mau beranti

HardCore babe *bein surrounded orang basar but nothin can stop her frm playin*

Da Ride

Partially tired *karing leher*
Tymss upp..*nda puas duduk ia lagi menyurung*

All tym fav burger since i was 10 or less..15years or more been eatin it..*Thumbs up*