Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saturday 25th August 2007

Got back from work in da afternoon, rehat2 skajap while waitin for ma sistaz 2 get ready n went to Tutong to drop off ma sis at ma aunt's place at Lamunin..Upon arrivin at ma babe's house took ma shower, siap2 n den lev for rizqun..Before checked in at rizqun, we went to Ahan's Thai to grab our dinner accompanied by Adeey n Mul..Catchin up wiv each other n went checked in at rizqun hotel.

As we checked in, tukar baju apa semua liat tv kajap pas 2 tidur coz hafta wake up early g da nex day nya sal ada tournament volleyball bsides i dun wana miz ma breakfast at da hotel..rugi kaliah kalau inda makan hehehe..I had omelette's, nasi lemak, porridge and juices while ma babe had her kuew tiaw and some cereals. Owh not forgettin our tea..=p

Sambil2 menungu lina and jed, we had our lil conversation wiv one another..nda plang serious matter its juz technique n tricks for the tournament hehehe..Once dey arrived, we went to the police HQ..Tx god da team arrived at da same time or mayb earlier coz semua dtg bebaya macam bejanji hehehe..Our versus dat mornin was da Police Women Team..

Kancang2 jua eh usul orang police p semangat bekobar2 overcome it..belawanan pun ada jua durin da match n 2nd match point inda berapa jauh and ALHAMDULILLAH dat UNIVERSAL won against POLICE WOMEN'S TEAM straight set..hehehe I can say durin dz match every1 shows da commitment and really work as a team durin dat mornin..rezeki pagi kali jua sal bangun awal apa ada hikmahnya..

Afta da match we went to celebrate our glory at CA Mohd Cafe at Gadong..hmm..it was like bfast n lunch heheh..ramai lah kami jua pluz ada few of ABDB punya members..Afta havin a good time wiv dem, we went to the mall to grab shampoo and shower gel..canakah ma babe blh lupa membawa..hmm..sambil2 atu liat2 brg computer lah jua..biasa inda dapat miz 2 brg2 cema2 a2 namanya jua gadgets but un42nately brunei ni pyh lah kan kejumpaan brg2 yg unique + canggih2 unlike some other countries..Bought jacket from giordano and ma babe bought jeans for herself..

While browsin for shampoo and shower gel and sambil2 menungu amoi..ada tia brg2 c taz hahah..well kiddies stuffs plang but entah ah i juz luv it and ada g 2 model kreta which u can turn to robots ala2 transformers lah jua but na...ori lagi transformers plang..kekeke Inda batah a2 lapas2 membyr amoi pun dtg coz she wana join us wiv lina for swimmin hehe ramai2 kan siok swimmin..

Wen we went up 2 1st floor, ma babe and amoi went to elle's department wer as maself browsin around da gadgets stuffs n wat attract me was da bibd booth wer der are introducin deir new KAD M fleet card for gettin fuel..da concept was easy either u hop for da prepaid or da postpaid..well i rather take da prepaid instead of postpaid coz kalau ada duit n labih2 rezeki baru topup elz nda pyh lah..wer s if da postpaid, da concept is exactly like da credit card..ukan plang apa inda mahu menambah utang lagi..maklum kan save2 duit for travellin..

Afta semua2..(malaslah kan beceta panjang2 2 ertinya) we went back to our room, besalin and headin to da swimmin pool..me n amoi went first wer s ma babe aga lina at da ground floor..mun nada room card inda jua dpt naik kan =)..went for swimmin for about 1 n da half hour..begambar2 p masih arah lina coz she help us to capture da photos..nasib masa kami beranti swimmin 2 baru ujan turun dengan lebatnya..

*ngalih eh typin, p kan beceta =p* Afta freshen ourself mandi apa semua, plannin kan ke HQ balik sal kan liat indon main p inda sampat coz da game almost kan abiz udah so upon checkout we went to yayasan beli knee guard for ma babe n ankle guard for maself as well as shuttle cock for ma badminton..grab our early dinner at nyonya and went back home sal ujan labatz..

Lastly i wud like to congratulate UNIVERSAL TEAM MEMBER yang bemain and inda bemain but so far dat day semua ampit main for winnin da match straight set..congratulates to every1 coz managed to discipline urself and show a good commitment and teamwork during da tournament..anyway if manang lagi straight set, ada g kana treat heheh p mesti straight set saja!..All da best for tomorrow's match..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dinner Wiv MaBaby

Had dinner wiv ma baby juz now at season's..Well actually ma babe fastin so sungkai dsana lah..da buffet theme was international buffet which cost $25 perhead excluded drinks..we enjoyed da dinner 2getha 2nyte n was der from 630pm til 745pm..da foods was great..we had cheese mussels, bbq chickens, sausage, lambs, mee hoon grg, nasi grg kampong, mee curry, some deserts..cheese cakes, bubur ubi manis, watermelon, papayas n fruit tarts..nyumy nyumy..hehehe

Afta we had our dinner, we went to huaho to grab few items which includin our new bottles for our sport activities hehehe..wana buy sport pants for ma badminton p mcm kan beli jua nda jua..fikir dulu lah..n apa nah yg buat ku gerigitan ada kit for buat badges n guess wat??ada c taz g 2..urghhhh..well its looney tunes lah..darnnn kalau ada labih rezeki i will buy it hahaha..saja2 for collection..=)

Ma 1st 2 days AutoCAD course

Alhamdulillah my 2 days course went well..Really enjoyed da course and lots of new info and knowledge i gained tho its only for 2 days..Diz week is about basic stuffs, how to use da tools, basic drawing, labellin, measurement, extension wer s next week will be da link between autocad and excel..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dillah's Bday

Last friday was ma cuzy's 23rd bday which was held at his parents house located at Pandan Kuala Belait hehe..It was suppoz 2 be at kate's restaurant but it was da last min changes 2 due to unexplained condition and situation..We went der a bit late due to attendin our closin stargazers meetin at aneng's resident..tx neng ah for ur cucur nangka and tarab..lapar jua udah kami 2 mun langgis heheh..mudahan murah rezeki and owh yeah da mata kucing 2..kami 2 ijah adek yg byk mamam kekekek..

Well nothin much for da bday celebration thingy bsides den biasalah ada bbq and potong cake..kana surprizkan oleh da gf and sista..Hey to u cuz all da best in lyf n mudahan murah rezeki and jangan luan dbawa bedayung anak dara orang ah heheh..*huGz*

Closing of Stargazers Netball League Year 2007

1st of all i would like to congratulates to all stargazers members for the successfulness of handlin da 3rd netball league..it was a great success excepts few things went wrong which is da MC..Anyway we learn from our mistakes..On da other hand, i wud also like to congratulate Stargazers for da 2nd place position followed up by PCT on da 3rd place and Kingstons blunettes for da 1st place..It was a great game today gurls..tho some games happen not to be rezeki tani n im sure dmana ada usaha tani dsana ada rezeki tani insyallah..mesti ada hikmahnya 2 k..

I heard der will be a celebration for da stargazers winnin p still inda tau apa..dat 1 terserah kepada pengurus kita orang heheh..arrived at da mph at 830am..games start sharped at 9am continuosly untill 12..had our break at 12 till 2pm..continue games at 2 until 230pm..wer we had a short break around 30mins while waitin 4 da tetamu kehormat from belia & sukan and also maria our local artist jemputan..Tx to her and also her manager for their willingness to come and Maria sang 3 songs in da afternoon before da official closing ceremony for da league..

It was a crowd wer every1 is tryin to snap some photos of maria while shes performin..it was a great one tho and wiv her friendliness character seems dat every1 likes her..i overheard of da manager tellin one of da guy bout her email add but it wasnt clear hehe..Maria will be only perform until end of september since she's sittin for her qualifyin exam and final gce o level november i think!Wish all the best to her for da upcommin xm.

Afta havin hi tea wiv all the guest of honour, maria's manager, maria and all stargazers members, we had a group photo along wiv maria and all of us..it was a great closin dz tym nganya da dewan is too big and nampak macam inda ramai org wer s its actually ramai sdh manusia dalam dewan a2..

Owh before i wrap up..maria will be performin wiv da seeds (luruskah spellin nya =p) on 26th of august which is sunday at rtb rakaian pelangi studio..marilah kita sama2 menaikan martabat artis local kitani..ONCE AGAIN CONGRATULATES TO ALL WINNIN TEAM ESPECIALLY STARGAZERS..and to yang kurang bernasib baik, jadikan lah kekalahan tersebut sebagai satu inspirasi untuk lebih maju kehadapan tanpa menoleh kembali akan kesilapan yang berlalu..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sumthin About Ur Luv One

Signs He's or She's a Stayer
  • Wants u 2 meet his / her mates
  • Introduces u s his girlfriend / her boyfriend
  • Gives u a frenship ring
  • Calls for no reason
  • Turns up on time and calls wen runnin late
  • Is nice 2 ur frens
  • Holds u close after makin luv (ehem2)
  • Shows an interest in ur interest
  • Luvs u da way ure
Signs He's or She's a Player
  • Neva wants u 2 stay at his / her place
  • Keeps his / her social life separate from urs
  • Runs an hour or more late w/o callin or apologisin
  • Notices every attractive woman / man in da rum
  • Only cares about his / her orgasm (ehem2 again)
  • Calls u his / her frens
  • Is rude and wivdrawn around ur friends
  • Makes excuses for not going wiv u to parties
  • Sumtyms doesn't call u for days



Ok guys..i'm in need of help which one of those shall i buy..either da digital camera Nikon EOS, Da Sony Vaio Desktop which is portable or da Nokia Communicator E90..do give me some comments and opinions ayt..HeLpppppzzz..Need to pick one of those sooner..

Stargazers Meetin Recaps

Trip 2 Kuala Lumpur

Wiv Q at aunty anne's pretzel

Ma Excitin n Happiest baby *dey was huggin actually*

2nd day at KL while grabin 4 lunch at secret recipe

Thailand fried rice wiv grill prawn

Cheezee Prawn macaroni

Spicy Wings at PizzaHut KL

Nda penyabar kan begambar..Hehehe



Nyumy choc cake

At Brunei International Airport

While waitin..

1st day dinner nyumy for ma babe

ma fud

Da mushroom soup

It was on da 9th of August we depart from Brunei to KualaLumpur at 12pm flight..Arrived at concorde hotel at around 530pm..Upon checkin, we freshen up and went to KLCC for da 1st evening shoppin..Main target was FCUK, Armani Exchange and GUESS but unfortunately not much new arrival n sadly new arrivals will be comin up end of August or early September..

Anyway we bought new HIM FCUK Fragrance ONLY..At Armani store i bought AX longsleve ONLY..i was plannin to buy da belt but not much choice tho..sadly =(..Went to guess but we din buy anythin gpun nada jua bah kan dbeli..i mean NO NEW ARRIVAL..sad again..Owh btw we had dinner at pizza hut hehehe it was quite ok tho..Bought 1 shirt from pdi n 1 pants..

Sedih ku eh nada bah brg i xpect to buy..totally inda ku expect this thing to happen to me..hmm..apeler nasib!udahtah ticket mahai p udah sampai nada bah brg2 yg kan dbeli atu..alahaiii..

Da nex day afta havin our bfast we went to 1 utama and dsana pun nothin much jua kami beli..kami beli a pair each of FCUK jeans and ma babe bli payung french connection..Overall nothin interestin lah kan share bsides den our boring shoppin and meetin up Q Haidar..entah lurus kah nda jua spellin nya ah hehehe..we met him at aunty anne cafe KLCC..

It was like im havin ma lemonade at dat tym wer ma babe suddenly said "Beh Q haidar.." n i was like turnin ma back n c dat it was really him..He was quite frendly tho n macam kenal lama saja da way he talked to us but 1 thing dat its still stuck on ma mind was he actually blinked his eye wen he was about to leave..hahahha..handsome inda plang brapa but he's kinda cute in person compare to tv..

Got back from KL 2day at aroung 2pm arrivin and went straight to MPH 4 our netball league tournament..We missed da amazin opening ceremony but we aint insyallah missin da closin..Afta MPH went to kopitiam to have our late lunch n early dinner..

Since i din actually buy wat m i supoz to get, i decided to go to Huaho Tutong n bleh dsana plang ku shoppin bli kasut kaja, sport pant for badminton and socks as well as some stationary for ma office work..abiz plang usin ku $200 dsana compare to d KL payah2an..

Bought a special gift for ma mum which is da Bonia Handbag latest arrival..For ma dad nda plang ada n baru pernah jua nada sebanyak2 ku belayar but i plan to get him sumthin he like dbrunei saja..let him choose it by himself..

Anyway to wrap up our shoppin was not so good..bored in other words..vacation spendin da tym wiv ma babe was great..juz da 2 of us hehehe..and afta dz back to do our work..n owh before i forgot pictures will be post nex other time due to ma card reader tertingal hehhe..


Saturday, August 4, 2007


Alhamdulillah ma baby is now recoverin from her hot fever..its been few days now after she really had a terrible hot fever..macam inda kena peduli rasanya and I really hafta ambil pengajaran from dat which is to be independent..yesterday we had committee meeting wiv Hyundai Setia Motors and some of stargazers members..So far yang turn up was aneng, ebeh, nana, adeey, mul, emel, budih, ejam, beb, yati, ejah, ma babe and ma self..da meetin was quite ok nganya ada disagreement from both sides regardin different issues..

So far da very positive side was regardin da quizy wer by we din expect dey are more interested in givin prezies 4 da quiz like umbrella, cap etc which is more towards hyundai stuffy..Our budget 4 da tourney is not out yet n im not quite sure wat are dey waitin 4 actually..well mayb da venue but dats not from us..we are actually waitin some response from da other side..

Another thing was regardin da publicity..dont say dat we aint tryin our hard to get da publicity but its juz dem who are not co-operatin in a way..i tot netball is a really famous sports but our typical minded bruneian once we have sumthin new for sure dey will shift 2 da new sports and left da old 1 behind?Y?cant we juz think wat are our speciality in and be fair wivit?it seems like der isnt much team joinin and some parties interested in participatin either to play da game and also supportin netball in brunei..well not specifically netball but we need one another to support all sorts of sports in brunei..Y does football so famous?n now softball?basketball?Wat i can say is dat bruneian sport stars are not being appreciate?Appreciate in a way of??Think about it..

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cerita Tentang Ayam..

Im sure some of us inda tahu cerita sebalik ayam hehe..well da above pix shows cemana jadinya ayam..saja2 untuk menambah pengetahuan saja..Mudahan tani lebih ilmu..AMIN

Twinklin Bra

Isn't it kinky?hehehe