Friday, August 29, 2008


Lunch at Restaurant Indah Damai

MaBabe waitin 4 her turn at da ER afta badminton tourney
MaBabe n Nana at da Police Station Muara waitin for da officers incharge durin Nana's accident
Nana n her sis bein questioned wat had happen durin da accident

Our Dinner Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza and Tuna PizzaDurin ma mornin trip to Tutong antar MaBabe kaja


I duno wat to update or i dun have anythin 2 update partially..been goin out lunch at Bann Nucha, changin all tyres for honda doin all da alignment n will be sent to michelin 4 skimmin next week..

Attendin mababe's bro doa arwah friday afta sembahyang jumaat at Telisai n will be attendin mababe's function doa arwah today at Sengkarai Tutong..Slept a bit late lastnight accompanied ma sis preparin zebra puding mababe for sedakah at her skewl saturday mornin 50 pieces and 100 pieces for 2nyte's function..

Others hmm..had lunch at Restaurant Indah Damai wiv ma 2 sistaz yesterday since we were left by our parents hehehe..dey went to bdr for arrangin ma cuzy upcomin weddin ceremony..

I think dats all mayb n oh btw..sempena bulan puasa yang akan datang maself n mababe ingin memohon seribu kemaafan diatas segala kekasaran bahasa yg mana dtgnya dari diri sendiri dan segala salah dan silap also halalkan apa yang termakan dan terminum, menyinggung hati & perasaan n semuanya yang menjadi hal dan isu2 sensitif hehehe..bukan hari raya saja kan minta maaf, bulan puasa pun blh supaya allah memudahkan hamba nya yang memohon untuk menjalankan ibadat puasa dengan sempurna..AMINN

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day OuT

Went out for shoppin last night wiv mababe n Nana..Off at around 6pm, fetched Nana at Penanjong n headed to Capers for our dinner..We had 3 different types of pizzas and 5 different types of pastas..It was great n wallllaaaaaa..marvellous hehhe..Nana only had 1 type of pasta n few slices of pizzas n us?nda pyh gtau lah ah..we ate da rest of it..We had 5 slices of pizza leftovers n was charged $6 for all..hmm..luan mendulur nafsu makan inda plang abiz kekeke..

Afta dinner we went to Innerspace..saja jalan2 kan cuci mata also kan survey furniture mainly for bedroom..da bed set is very nice n its price ranges from 2k to 4k includin da mattress..hmm im plannin to paint ma room wiv 2 tones of colours but aint sure wat colour shud i paint?im plannin 2 paint it wiv creamy colour on top and redish maroon for da down give idea to sapa2 yg sudi menolong..

For shoppin we went to Huaho Manggis, bought 3 pieces of Fila tshirts n nana bought some stuffs 2..I wana have a break out from Brunei..I REALLYYY DOOOO..kan blayar dz month nda jua dapat!Full schedule dah n next month sdh puasa..urghhhhh batah jua eh DECEMBER ani??

DamN FcukiN aInT SatiSFiED

I juz dun understand why some ppl cudnt put deir shoes on others situation!I juz hate it so much wen deir fcukin ego beyond dem!!I duno wer 2 start but i really need to let sick n sick of dz person tryin 2 acept dz person but things juz happen n its gettin worst n i juz cudnt help maself to accept it again more rooms for dz person!!I cud pretend infront of dz person but sorry i juz hate 2 c ur face fcukin asshole!!

Da real story..hmm..i juz duno how to put it into words!!Promize at da first place n broke it less den a day!!Dz person reason aint relevant n INDA MEMIKIRKAN ORANG LAIN!!Well others have our own difficulties but wat dz person think is only dz person personal things..i dun wana talk much coz im feelin bit better now..

*Its not family related nor ma frenz* Its sum1 outder..

Monday, August 25, 2008

HSBC HeartOfBorneo Challenge

Da Long Q at Telisai
Helpin 1 another..*Very adorable*
Da Man *but dey aint doin anythin wen few cars usin da closed lane..SIGH*
Da supporter

Dilly's Birthday

O-od wiv ameera & aleeyaKaumie, Bgboy, Mababe n Ma mumMa granny while mengoreng daging rusa *Slurrrrpp* MaTua wiv da maids *entah apakah angin nya mendgni menyuci keke*
Sumthin Funny?!heheh
Baby 65..Farish Aiman
Farish, Fifi & Aleeya
Ejan & Erma *Double E*
Azim & Sunnah

Final Part For Da Badminton Tourney

Here we would like 2 express our gratitude and special thanks especially to Ebeh & Kenon also to every1 who had help Imas durin da injury tym..u guys are da great n truely frenz..Thankz so much..