Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SE Xperia X1 QWERT

Da XPERIA X1 QWERTY 4rm Sony Ericsson..Full QWERTY 2 make the most of that Windows Mobile 6 operating system..SE's new XPERIA brand will focus on multimedia and mobile web communication..It brings a
  • 3-inch wide VGA (800 x 480) touchscreen display
  • 3.2 megapixel camera (with photo light)
  • A2DP Bluetooth
  • A GPS, WiFi
  • MicroSD
  • 400MB on board

On the phone side you've got

  • quad-band GSM/EDGE and 900/1700/1900/2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (or 850/1700/1900/2100MHz in what must be a US-bound model)
  • Navigation is accomplished via touch, arc-sliding QWERTY, 4-way key and optical joystick. Now just replace that Internet Explorer Mobile browser with Opera Mobile 9.5 or Skyfire and the 110 x 53 x 16.7-mm X1 is ready to live up to its potential..

You know when it ships in "select markets" in the second half of 2008

Sony Ericsson C902

The C902 is a 5 megapixel beast wiv autofocus, face detection, a generous flash n 160MB of storage before u add anything on wiv da Memory Stick Micro feature Cyber-shot branding and will be available in the second quarter..dey'll come in two with UMTS 2100 n one rocking quadband EDGE alone..Look for C902 which will do its thing in Swift Black and Luscious Red

Another rumours for PSP

Quite alryte but bulky..not as sleeky as da previous 1..I luv da big screen tho..

Interzone Netball Trainin

It was m first tym 2 watched da Interzone trainin for netball at Tutong Kem..A bit of comment dat is im quite happy 2 watched da 1st set of da trainin wivin Pendidikan team and Abdb but unfortunately wen da 2nd set Pendidikan changes da team mates which is i think some of da players are a bit shacky n da match is not as good as da 1st one..well im juz observin but dey were playin so dey noe much better den maself..all i have to say is all da best to all teams n goodluck to every1 who is participatin..

Ma Babe in action

Adeey flyin *amazin dey*
Amoi waitin 4 da ball n being guarded
Nana waitin 4 da ball

Kukuba Nail Salon

Need to pamper ur hand and foot?U shud try it at 1 of da good place at KB Town which is at Kukuba Nail Salon..It has everythin manicure, pedicure, foot n hand massage, foot scrub n everythin..For manicure n pedicure will cost u Bnd$16..n for french additional of Bnd$4..U gotta try it first before judgin it..

Special edition of MaBabe's Bathroom is mainly how i wud like to design a bathroom for ma sweet of me..hehe

Ipod Touch + Starbucks

U're already well aware dat Apple n Starbucks are buddy - buddy on at least some level..but dz application wud really cement deir friendship..Quickorder as u can probably imagine..wud enable iPod touch users 2 swing by deir local Starbucks, order up deir favorite drink n avoid a good deal of dat always questionable human interaction..Granted, wat u're peerin at above is still a mockup for now..but it's brimmin with potential..

Leaked PSPhone

Da gaming community is buzzing from some supposedly leaked scans of a possible PSPhone would give it a full 480 x 272 display, mini-analog stick, n drop UMD in favor of playing full PSP games via M2. Turns out they're scans from a magazine from months ago, which seems 2 hav passed under everyone's radar because so few people seem to actually read it.

Latest Rumours on HP Lappy

The HP Compaq 2133 "lifestyle accessory" features a big, scratch resistant 8.9-inch 1366 x 766 (WXGA) display, ExpressCard/54 slot, Wireless LAN, nearly full-sized QWERTY (95% of full), integrated webcam n optional SSD in a 2.5-pound anodized aluminum sex pot running Vista or Linux. Or so say the tipped images. Funny how the once keyboard-less UMPC-class device has now morphed into an Eee PC-like mini.

Latest Sony Gadg

Sony announced a new US$186..VRC-NW10 cradle wiv video-out n trick little video-in capability 4 real-time MPEG-4 recordin straight back 2 A820-series player..a SRS-NWT10M external speaker is priced low enough at US$28 dat every teen-age jackass will have one..Japan will see da new players in black, white and pink and in 16GB n 8GB models priced at US$354 n US$260 respectively

Monday, February 18, 2008


Der will be alot of attractives fare durin da road show which will be held at OGDC Seria startin on da 01st March til 02nd March..Da fare durin dat day will be DA LOWEST EVER fares thru out da year..*Dat was wat i heard on air 2day by 2 of da RBA Ladies* So who eva wana save ALOT of money for da air fare den dz will be a great chances for u guys out der..DUN MIZ IT

Pisssseeeeedddd Offff..

It was a great mornin from da time i arrived at work till he finally get back to office..I was enjoyin ma work till he called us both to his office..darnnnn juz bcause of sum1 not doin "her" work n i got involved!don't u think its suckz?!# really it is..n 1 thing he likes changes..1 day he told to do it dz way n da next day it change!!I duno how to put it in words n i juz feel relieved once i typed it n xprez it!!Its kinda suckx but i hafta bear wiv it! He has a pen & paper power..i juz wish dat im sumwer elz but im so txful 2 have dz job n be positive always..

I duno wetha he simply wana pick a fight or wat but its juz not tryin 2 give ma tym fairly which is mornin doin da paper work n afternoon concentrate on ma inspection which is outside da office but guess wat he talked shit "Do u really go out for inspection?I guess not n u simply went to different places coz i dont see any report or nothin!!" HeLLLLooooooo..wats da crap dat we send to u every now n den??aint dat enuf prove sayin dat we went out for inspection??Oh well maybe in a indirect way ure tellin dat u dun have any 'pendirian' *i forgot wats da word in english* i juz duno how to deal wiv him and all he noes is dat he's owez ryteeeeeee!!Well BOSSESS so BOSSSSYYY..

He should have show a good example in handlin stuffs but luk wat he show to us??nothin..well i dun wana deny dat he isnt give me any good things but ahhhhhh...tell me about it!! i wana spend da day wiv ma luv 1..i wana have a good lunch, a good talk and everythin good..I need a breakkkkkkk VACATION BREAKKKKKK..i wana do alot of shoppin!!Not ure da only one..*LoL*

Cinta Arjuna

Ma Babe lyk dz song..
Ku peluk indah manisnya cinta
Semuanya terasa indah
Bagai di alam cerita cinta
Hadir bahagia selama-lama
Katamu kekasih yang sedang kita alami
Takkan kekal 'tuk selamanya
Mengapa kekasih
Tiada kau percaya
Kebenaran cerita kita
Bagaimanakah lagi untuk aku buktikan
Selamilah pada kejujuranku
Jadikan ku arjuna, arjuna di hatimu
Percayalah oh puteri
Katamu kekasih yang sedang kita alami
Takkan kekal 'tuk selamanya
Mengapa kekasih
Tiada kau percaya
Kebenaran cerita kita
Bagaimanakah lagi untuk aku buktikan
Selamilah pada kejujuranku
Jadikan ku arjuna, arjuna di hatimu
Percayalah oh puteri
Bagaimanakah lagi untuk aku buktikan
Selamilah pada kejujuranku
Jadikan ku arjuna, arjuna di hatimu
Percayalah oh puteri
Bagaimanakah lagi untuk aku buktikan
Selamilah pada kejujuranku
Jadikan ku arjuna, arjuna di hatimu
Percayalah oh puteri
Ooooh... Percayalah bidadari....

Movie + Dinner

Went for a movie lastnyte wiv da same group of frenz except Nana..we watched jumper at The cineplex Mall..It was quite alryte wer by its about a lyf of David Rice who is a "Jumper", a teleporter, who can go anywer, anytime..he whisk his girlfriend across da world in da blink of n eye n grab millions of dollars in minutes..however his life takes a sharp turn wen he finds himself pursued by a secret organisation sworn 2 kill Jumpers..Chased around the world, he discovers a stunning truth about his own past and his family..2 noe more detail u gota watch it n ma verdict for dz movie is C+

Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell, Diane Lane, Samuel L Jackson, Hayden Christensen
Directed by
Doug Liman

Afta movie, we went for dinner at New Ahan Thai restaurant at Gadong area..budeh & jam, aneng & lisa joined us for dinner lastnyt..had a good chit chat n finally we were able to atleast have dinner wiv aneng!alah2 menteri bah ia ah hehehe..cbuk hantap..pix durin dinner is wiv aneng so i will post it once aneng posted it ayt..

DInner at Atrium Pix

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dinner at Atrium Empire

Went for dinner at atrium empire wiv nana, adeey, mul, ma babe n ma self..actually ders another 2 which is aneng n ebeh but unfortunately aneng has a netball friendly match at ubd n ebeh is not fellin well..*Have enuf rest leng*

Da theme for tonyte was seafoods..its really good..most of us had prawns, oyster n mussels..nyum2 heheh actually ders alot of varieties from plain rice to fried rice seafoods, fish, lamb, soups, sushi and much usual desert will owez be der..

We arrived at about 730pm n went back at 930pm..yeahhh dats da time we had dinner bout 2hours..dun ask y!I wanted to upload da pixs by 2nyte itself but im kinda tired n sleepy coz ive to drive to work 2morow early mornin..loads of stuffs to assets is pending and report as well..btw adeey u gota clep late tonyte due to assignment which is due tomorow hehehe..
Anyway if ders time i will be postin da pix ayt..*yawn* zzZZzzz

Congrates Nani & Tunang

We would like 2 congratulate u n ur bloved tunang for da engagement which was held on da 10th of February 2008..Semoga tuhan memanjangkan jodoh hingga ke jinjang pelamin AMIN..

BBQ & SteamBoat


Da Super Duper Active Kids

Fifi & MaBabe

Ejan & Erma