Monday, November 30, 2009

1st Day at New Unit

How are u guys doin?How's weekend?Hope u guys are doin great over the weekend..Mine was great because it's Hari Raya Aidiladha..hehe..Had a great celebration, great people and great foods..Anyway hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..

Its Monday 30th November 2009, ma 1st day at ma new unit after ma last transfer to Road Unit a month ago..Thanks to the boss 4 the recommendations and trust ma quality of work..Another chance for me to actually upgrade maself to a higher level..Alhamdulillah..N most of all thanks to ALLAH..

To be honest, i'm quite nervous and kinda baffled on what is it like to be in a new unit..from ma previous transfer it felt like nothing..maybe it's due to the same environment and same people to work with unlike this one..different people to work with, different environment and of all i'm at the same office with SKB who happen to be da 2nd bigboss of KB HQ..but wat i like most is dat i aint off ma own bat which sometimes it might be difficult to find it at some departments or units..They are friendly and helpful in a way..Alhamdulillah..

As for ma first day, i ain't doin so much work..i was given some tasks and i managed to finish it within 10mins..I need to do more work so that i can learn more before hectic months comin ahead which is schedule to be durin April, June until August..Prayin to Allah to give me more strength and more guidance to be a better person now and always..AMIN

Ma dad will be off to KL tomorrow at 7pm and will be back after a week for leisure work ofcourse..Have u guys watch New Moon?some people said it was amazin but some gave a negative views..but it's us ourself to judge wetha we like or not..

Also, i would like to wish Happy Holidays to all Teachers & Students..fill ur time with somethin useful and don't just loiterin around without doin nothin's time to relax ofcourse before d school reopen next year which will be on 04th Jan 2010..Im sure its also one of da month in da calender wer vacation will be on ur things-to-do..i can't wait for our vacation 2 which is 20 days ahead from today..Yehaaaaa..

Ok guys hope u guys had fun so far and more fun and enjoyable day ahead..Do takecare, drive safely and think of ur luv one who is always der for u and waits for u..


Tea C Special *Thumbs Up*






Sunday, November 29, 2009

JAPSER Tourney

JAPSER Tourney *Mornin Session*

Above are the links to JAPSER Tourney which was held on Friday 20th November 2009 between Teachers of Tutong..sorry i didnt post d pictures one by one due to the number of photos are too many..

Enjoy da pictures..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Me, Mababe & Family would like to Wish every1 who's celebratin Hari Raya Aidiladha..Maaf Zahir & Batin..Bersyukur kehadrat nya kerana telah memberi peluang sekali lagi untuk menyambut dan memeriahkan Hari kebesarannya..Alhamdulillah..

Celebrated Hari Raya Haji at ma Granny's crib on Sat mornin and headed to Tua Hj's crib in da afternoon..Foods at granny was marvellous with alot of choices..Ayam Kurma, Ayam Curry, Ayam Rendang, Daging Rendang, Kelupis, Roasted Chicken, Rojak, Kuih-Muih and much2 more..Glad dat dis year hari raya aidiladha our cuzy AlyFatul is back from NZ so we can actually gathered and catchin up with one another..

Afternoon celebration which is at Tua Hj was so not sayin dat it aint good but da foods was tasteless except da Kambing masak kicap but again slightly masin..but alhamdulillah thanks to him and family for invitin us to his crib for da Hari Raya Celebration..

To all KB cuzies, do think of activities yang kan tani buat k..dmana kan dinner, breakfast, lunch and apa kan tani buat..da date will be on Sat 12th far we will be stayin at Holiday Lodge Jerudong n if ders any changes will let u guys noe again ayt..For seafoods dinner we can try either at Neptune Seafoods Jerudong, Empire Pantai Restaurant, Mangrove Paradise Resort, Singapore Table, Yayasan Food Court Seafoods, KTM Seafoods, Seafood Paradise or Tamu Selera..up to u guys k..ka10 bagi suggestion saja since u guys prefer seafoods..