Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lunch at Swensen

Angai Lapar *keke*
Spag BolognaiseHawaiian Pizza
Cheese Chicken Baked Rice

Its been a while, well almost a week dat we didnt meet we decided to have lunch togetha at Bann Nucha at da 1st place but suddenly mababe changed her mind n had lunch at swensens..From da mall, we went to HuaHo Manggis to buy some stuffs and lastly had hitea at Aminah Arif Tutong..sha2pun Sotong Kicap, Hati Buyah Goreng, Sayur Pucuk Ubi and Udang Goreng..SLURPPPPP..

Lunch After National Day

Afta National Day, we went to Fun Wok Hongkong Restaurant to have our was a hot bright shinny day durin da national day and it was ok2..we expect more since its da 25th year we celebratin our national day but unfortunately nothin special..heheh..

National Day Part I