Sunday, December 30, 2007

Advance New Year

It will be 2 days ahead to say goodbye to 2007..Anyway its so hard to say goodbye but we gotta move on..Alot of unforgetful moments which i treasure..less sadness but still der is..Happy moments wiv da one i, other half, friends, colleagues and others..Hope 2008 can teach me how to be more successful person wiv alot of patience 2 face wats gona happen next..

I would like to apologizes if ders anythin which hurt any of ur feelins..i dun wana luk back instead to move on and face da world wiv be a better person and more responsible towards anythin..hope 2 be a less spender *amin*

Anyway 2008 is comin wivin few days ahead and im kinda ready of ma resolution is to wake up early durin office hours so dat i wont be in a rush to go 2 work hehe tho its near now..other den dat is up to me 2 motivate me hehe *i actually havent think of any right now*

To every1 also..Happy belated birthday and advance birthday ahead to whom i din get da chance to actually greet nicely & appropriately..also Congrates to whoeva get engage or marry dz born gf..and ALL..Hehehe
All da best to u guys..*huGz*

Weddin at Miri

Wiv Long Lost Grandpa..*Yeiiii*

The Extended Family From Miri

Da Dewan for weddin reception *Dun say anythin..i noe winkz*

The 3 Sistaz..Eldest from da right

Makanan yg inda ampit *sad*

Da Bride & Groom

Da Pretty *winKz*

Dis crowd cause a breakdown 2 da stage *hahahhahah*

The Entertainer *Not Bad*

Da Audio Controller

Lunch at Swensenz..

Headin 2 BSB

Banana Crumble *Got addicted tx 2 eb n em* hehehe

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dazzling Light At Jerudong Park

Dinner At Tanjong Lobang Miri

Langizzzz =p

We had tekuyung siruk..sambal udang..ikan salai..kerang masak kailan..& sotong..hehe

Monday, December 24, 2007

Vacation at KK

Headin 2 KK
Secret Recipe *Breakfast*
SLuuurrrrppp *Enjoyin da cream*

Deep Fried Calamari

Seafffffuuudzzz Platterz

Friday, December 21, 2007

After More Den A Month..

Im truly sorry for aint updatin ma blog..hehehe being so busy wiv work and full schedule..Anyway juz got back from KK (inda plang seberapa hehehe) today..It was only for 3 days and 2 nytes plang sha but at least it was amazin really it was good..went der wiv ma babe and ma 2 was a first tym eva "Sistaz Trip" kekeke..

To u guys yang kan ke KL a2 baiktah bawa manyak2 usin and ready kan saja credit card ah incase coz d KK saja BYKKKKK baju baru NEW ARRIVALLLLL believe dat???YEAHHH u tym byk brg baru probly due to christmas a2 jua kali hehehhe..

Anyway for da past 1 month not updatin ma blog ders alot of things to share but i need to find tym to actually upload ma photos and everythin..Went for movie wiv ma babe and sistaz for da golden compass..went to Dazzlin Lightnin Thingy at JP..went to orang kawin at miri *First tym n hope 4 da last*..muccchhh more..*not forgettin da event yang kami paksa bemalam d satu tempat by which i wont 4get bout da incident* kekeke sapa tau, tau tah 2 hahahah..
Anyway dats it for now..will post da photoz soon *photos describe better den words*