Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch at Excapade Sushi

It was da first tym ma mum join us lunch at Excapade Sushi KB heheh..Look at her face givin a groossss expression but wen we ordered her some lamb plain rice n crab alhamdulillah she ate well..hope she lyks it..kekeke

Raya at Unc Hj Durhan

Went to an open house at Unc Hj Durhan..We had ambuyat, udang galah rebus, veges and much more..Alhamdulillah and tx to him for preparin all doz foods..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Da Countless Open House *WinKz*

Imas & Momo aka Amal
Lisa & Aneng
Emosi jua B..*Kekek*
Momo & Mel
Fifi & Imas
Aneng kengalihan
Aneng Day Dreamin..*Hmmm..mana priority ah camera or wiii?Kekeke*
Maself, Mababe, Momo & Mel

..Part 2..

Aneng & Nana
Mul & Adeey