Friday, April 30, 2010

Bg Kim & Amat Birthday Dinner

Its Saturday and I've nothing to do except reading newspaper and Facebook..I've sorted all ma work and get it done early this morning as soon as I switched on ma computer..Starving much as well though I had 2 Chicken pies and 2 Egg tarts for breakfast earlier at 9am..

I heard another news about burned car along Bukit Panggal!Lots of accidents happened and this is ain't good..Please Please & Please drive very safely guys!Use your indicator wisely and make sure your tyres are in a very good condition due to rainy season as for now!Its better to be safe then sorry ayt!

Last Wednesday we were being invited to celebrate Bg Kim 30th Birthday at Dynasty Restaurant!Had a Marvellous and Great night with everyone..Misses them so damn much and it's been a while since we last met..At that night, we *the cuzies* had a lil discussion about making family T-Shirts and yet conclusion hasn't come to an end!But Amal has two options which is to buy the t-shirts from Made In Brunei store and to print it will be at different shop which costs $1 or $2 per design..So to whom it may concerned do decide!The foods was great too!We had Beef Steak, Butter Chicken, Kailan Oyster Sauce, Beancurd and desserts were also served after we had our maincourse!Thanks guys for inviting us but only me and mababe can make it!LOVESS you all!

There will be an Appreciation Hi-Tea this afternoon for all AJK who had involved with the bicycle expedition last week and I'm still thinking whether to join them or not since its damn hot out there and the event will take place at our parking lot area!Today will be another boring weekend!Will be stuck watching either AF, P2F *Not a big fan somehow* and all sorts of non worth watching television program!Hmm..

Tomorrow will be the 2nd of May and time really does flies super duper fast!In other words ma dad will be arriving Brunei from Perth at 6 in the morning!Imagine at what time do we have to wake up and start our journey from KB?I told ma mum that why don't we stay 1 night check-in at the hotel?And she replied "Jangan tah membazir usin!" So yeah that's how she always responded because she ain't so fancy about sleeping over at others besides then our own house..

Me n mababe had lunch with Aneng & Lisa at Excapade Gadong yesterday and it was unplanned..Had a great catching up with the girls and it was fun playing games with Lisa and mababe with her iPod Touch..Aneng & Lisa went to travel fair earlier which was held at Sheraton Hotel but all the cheap fares were sold out as at 1130am like a hot cakes!So that turned them down!

As for us, NO SEATS available to watch the Iron Man II at The Mall..Been calling them twice but again still the 1st three rows from below was the only seats we had plenty of times to kill and went cruising around Yayasan and The Mall while waiting for our birthday dinner date with Amat and his family..

Our dinner was BBQ Grilled & Steamboat at iLotus..Alhamdulillah we were so damn full with all the prawns, lambs, tomyam soups, beef meatballs and much more!It was a full house as well and the crowd was mostly the chinese..Thanks to Amat for the treat and Happy Birthday Dude..May you be blessed always with all the loves around you!Study smart for your future and loves u always cuzy *hugz*

From lunch with Aneng & Lisa, spending quality times with mababe and dinner with Amat & Family wrapped up ma posting for this week..Looking forward for next week and Happy Birthday to all the birthday celebrants..Have a great day ahead..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sorry for not updating anything for the past few days..Been very busy with all sorts of things mainly the bicycle expedition which was held 25th April at JKR KB in conjunction with the World Water Day..Alhamdulillah everything went well but it seems not to be a marvellous one but considering it was our first time, it was a success!

Last Friday, me, mababe and ma office colleagues went for lunch at Charcoal..It was our very first time having lunch at Bandar together with them since the day I was being transferred to ma new unit..Their company was great and we had a good laughed and talked over lunch..We couldn’t finish our Lamb Shank and Lamb Chop that day since we had pasta, calamari earlier before having the main course! The foods is even better now compared to our previous dine-in at Charcoal..

After 2 hours of lunch, me and mababe then headed to The Mall..Our main intention was to have a look with the new long awaited 3D LCD TV which is yet to be launched June or July in Brunei..I was so damn excited until the salesman who was entertaining his Chinese customers and simply ignored me when I’m trying to approach him and asked some questions regarding the TV! But what satisfied me was saying ‘STUPID SALESMAN’ to him! “What a stupid salesman who simply ignored me when I’m trying to ask something” to be exact! And he simply said “Oh Yes!” and left!

Well that doesn’t ruin our day much since I don’t want to let ma anger strikes while spending ma day with mababe! So to calm down, we went around all the booths and look at all new stuffs..While we were asking about one of the mp3 displayed, to our surprised the PINK mp3 that mababe has been eyeing for since our trip to Singapore was on displayed! I was excited as well and that means it was her rezeki and that was the end of my guilt as well for not buying it at Singapore..Alhamdulillah..Sorry for the belated birthday gift boO ;-)

From The Mall we headed back home and there was an Innova car who had highlighted us nearby Binturan..Road block or speed trap came across to our mind, so mababe slowed down from 120km/hr to 80km/hr and the first thing we saw was a long queue and smoked! Never came across that we would see a burning car due to an accident! Heart was beating damn fast with mixed feelings of sympathy, sad and scared! Allah maha berkuasa!

I don’t want to talk much about the accident and will let the pictures tell you everything..Till then I’m signing off for now..Have a pleasant day ahead everyone..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Trip to Kota Kinabalu Sabah

While waiting for You Think You Can Dance, I decided to post something =)..Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to ma dearest and beloved Mama Hjh Salmah Binti Haji Mohammad..Semoga dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kesihatan yang lebih baik and sentiasa dalam perlindungan Allah sentiasa..No matter what ma love for you will never fade mama..No words can describe ma love towards you..I’m sorry for all ma wrong doings and hurt you in all ways..I appreciate everything that you had done and anything ahead..Love you so much mama..

I’m sure ma mum won’t read this but never mind heheh..I haven’t give anything to her yet but ma 2nd sis had treat ABC for the whole teachers at Sekolah Rendah Ahmad Tajuddin where as ma youngest sis gave a bouquet of white rose..I don’t have any idea what to give her since she have almost everything..maybe an air ticket for her Insyallah..Also thanks to mama for her birthday treat and thanks to mababe who had come down to celebrate it with us as well..*huGz*

Last week, me n mababe finally had our day trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and it was our first day trip to KK..our flight was at 740am and we arrived at Brunei airport 710am..When we arrived, it was already last call for Kota Kinabalu! Luckily, i did online checked-in so we can skipped the boring and tiring queue and took our boarding pass at the business class counter..Alhamdulillah..

After 20mins flight to Kota Kinabalu, we safely arrived at KKIA..Since its only 8am, me n mababe decided to have our early breakfast at KKIA’s Starbuck..our plan was to join Ebih & Emil but unfortunately the air fares was way too expensive and luckily we got a better deal which was only $69 per person where as for me I only have to pay $9 since I won a ticket to KK by answering Ijah’s quiz at Facebook hehehe..Thanks Ijah!

Had Tuna Croissant Sandwich, BIG Sugar Donut and Chocolate Chip Frap for our breakfast!Did I mentioned it was our first time having breakfast at any airport upon arriving?heheh n yeah it was our FIRST!We took our sweet time and after an hour, we headed to 1Borneo..The taxi fare from airport to 1Borneo was RM50 and once we entered the taxi, the driver and us had a lil conversation as below :

Taxi’s Driver : Nak pi 1 B ke?

Us : 1B *thinking for a while apa maksud 1B* den i said Iye..*batah kan teclick* hehehe

Taxi’s Driver : Ni mesti dari Brunei kan!Kalau orang kita mana suka 1Borneo..

Us : *Curious* Kenapa inda suka 1Borneo?

Taxi’s Driver : Itu bukan 1Borneo..itu boleh kata 1Brunei sebab rata2 orang Brunei saja yang banyak pi sana!Kenapa suka pi sana?

Us : Kan kat sana semua ada bang!makan, shoppin dan macam2 lagi!Kalau pulang balik memang tempat yang paling sesuai *laughing*

Me : Nanti boleh lah tukar nama 1Borneo tu jadi 1Brunei ah hehehe

Taxi’s Driver : *laughing*

Then me and mababe had a conversation until we reached 1Brunei hehehe..Sadly, all the shops are not opened yet so we decided to have another drink at Starbuck..We had Iced English Breakfast Tea and make used of the Wi-Fi to stay connected with FB while mababe was thinking about her upcoming business which we might into it within a year or two depends on the capital and paper work which yet to be discuss and done first and foremost!

At 1015am, we both made a move and our first shop was Esprit den FCUK, Nike, Roxy and much more..bought few items since there isn’t many new arrivals except for 1 item that mababe is eyeing for..Sabar beh ah!Anyway, we had our lunch at Nasi Ayam and Alhamdulillah sampai hajat kan mamam Nasi Ayam Steamed also Pai Tee..After lunch, both of us was searching for Burger King but too bad, 1Borneo doesn’t have Burger King and we have to go to the one and only Burger King left which is near by Wisma Merdeka..It was raining heavily when we headed to Burger King and what saddened us was there isn’t any Tender Grilled Chicken Burger..SIGHHHH..Been waiting for the trip and hoping to enjoy every bites of that burger!!

Went to Wisma Merdeka to change our money and went straight to the airport at 4pm..

Had so much fun with mababe and Alhamdulillah it went well and exhausted..Will be having another trip either with the cousins or mababe’s sisters..Thanks boO for everything

Signing off now and hope you have a great day ahead..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lucky Draw at Boustead 2010

Hello you..How's your day today?Hope everything goes well as you want it to be..Went to Suzuki & Nissan Lucky Draw last Sunday and yeah there are alot of people who came!Foods was being provided also Drinks but unfortunately we didn't have the appetite to eat since it was so crowded at the food zone and freakin hot inside the showroom!

Should be more then 500 people who had attended for the lucky draw and sadly the prizes for each car brand was only 4 consists of 2 main grand prize to Singapore for Suzuki's owner and trip to Korea for Nissan's owner where as the consolation prizes was 2x GPS, 2x $1000 Shopping Voucher at HuaHo and lastly 2x 32' Sony LCD Tv..There isn't any door gifts given which will be a good idea if they give one for those who are not lucky enough to win any prizes that day..Bumped into Saren as well that day and we really hoped to win a grand prize or at least 32' Sony LCD Tv hehehe..

Ma intention was also to eat Lamb Burger which is recommended by a friend of mine MOMO but sadly we were so stuffed with alot of foods earlier!Had Butter Milk Chicken, Nasi Ayam Penyet and Satay Kambing hehehe..

On the other hand, we went to Excapade Gadong last Monday for dinner just me and mababe..After we ordered our foods, as usual mababe will prepare the wasabi and soyasauce and guess what??she SPILLED da whole bottle of soyasauce and LUCKILY I made a quick action and move backward else I would have been showered with soyasauce!Pandai takut kana marah ;p..also at the same night, we bumped into Wafi and his friend or girlfriend hehe..Good to hear that he is kinda happy with his work except for the enviromental thingy but again just bare with it for now ayt friend and I'm pretty sure you can cope with it..Goodluck buddy!

That's it for now and I'm signing off..Have a great day ahead guys!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aneng Surprised Birthday Celebration

Emil & Ebih
Adeey & Mul
Amoi & Imas

Ebih & Saren
Emil : Hmm..Nyaman nyer.. Birthday Gift from Lisa

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Weekend Gorgeous!

Happy weekend to everyone out there!Im bored and sleepy since all my tasks is completely done..I didn't have the chance to sleep today since there was an important things to do after lunch..Budget was just released and expect alot of things to do and handle but since I don't know what to expect so I will just sit down, relax and wait untill further acknowledgement..

Ma Friday was preety occupied this week..Went to the Banks for consultation and there is always a way but to grab it without thinking further will be a regret!We did the calculation and the interests is much higher and we might just have to stick with the usual monthly payments unless there are other ways..

Had lunch with ma mum, 2 sisters and was her first lunch at Simpur and Alhamdulillah she loves the foods there..Normally we went there to hangout or dinner but for lunch, it was her first!Hope you won't hesitate to come again next time boO hehehe..

After lunch, we headed back home..While mababe did her work for the first 15mins before she slept, i was busy organizing all the T-shirts and took photos of every T-shirts for me to upload and sell it online via Facebook..It's easy now to sell things online since we are connected anytime we want!Alhamdulillah the mini e-garage sale went well so far..We aint really lookin for profits since all items are pretty much reduction price compare to what we spent on buying those and end up in the closets untouchable..All items are mostly brand new otherwise if you have ma FB then u should know what the heck am I talking about =D

Late noon, me and mababe went to DST KB to pay her phone bill and we got the chance to take part at the lucky draw..Unfortunately we ain't lucky enough but Alhamdulillah, we got our self a memo pad and recycle bag..We were also given a box of biscuits and a bottle of water to ease our hunger and thirst while waiting for our turn as a door gifts..Tx DST!

Once our business settled, we then headed to Soon Lee to buy some toiletries..Now it's time to buy what we NEED instead of what we WANT..Do implement it slowly to ourself and also our mindset Insyallah we all can do it to prevent from more debts and also from whatever action in the future which the government will implement without thinking further and do survey about all matters..

At half past 5, we paid a visit to ma aunt who is being admitted at Hospital KB due to low blood pressure..Hope everything will goes well with you aunt and do control what ever you have to ok..

Lastly, we ate sausage buns for our dinner since me and mababe were already stuffed earlier with cucur udang, kelupis udang, tongkeng, popia and air kelapa from tamu at Taxi Terminal..Thanks to ma mum, Sis Ifa for the treat and to MaBabe for everything..Semoga dimurahkan lagi rezeki AMIN AMIN AMIN..

Till now I'm signin off..Have a GREAT DAY ahead every one!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010