Monday, August 1, 2011

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa

Assalam pembuka kata to all muslims yang menunaikan ibadah puasa..May this year membawa seribu makna, keberkatan dan diredhai oleh Allah Swt..

To all families, friends and readers, Me, Imas and family memohon seribu kemaafan diatas segala salah dan silap, halalkan makan and minum selama ani..May this year ibadah puasa diterima oleh Allah dan sentiasa dalam perlindungan nya Amin Amin Amin Ya Allah

Lots of love xoxo

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Good Mornin peeps!We are currently at Miri International Airport waitin for our departure to Kuala Lumpur using MAS which is more cheaper than RBA..Just couldn't understand why RBA fares are crazy!

This will be our 1st family vacation for this year and will be lookin forward for more in the near future..Vacation means I'm on leave and when I'm on leave means no work YIPPPPIIIIIEEEEEE but it will only last until Sunday hehe..Yet its somethin better then nothin..Heeeee

Another 50mins of waitin then 2hours to KL and its SHOPPIN TIME..Weeeeeee hope there will be more New Arrivals and SALES!!!!Best of luck to us!

Hope you guys have a great day ahead! ;D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend everyone!Oh well I'm actually tryin to post via ma iPhone..I hope with this apps, it will help me to keep ma blog updated ;D Lets hope ayt!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Once a month?Hee

How times flies so fast that its now February!Been through lots of things lately and its been tough!Last month,17th January to be exact, our heart were shattered into pieces when ma aunty left us for good!It was something that we couldn't accept at the first place but Allah loves her more hence he took her away from our life!Though she was gone, but none of her memories buried with her! I just couldn't believed when ma dad told us about it and its sad not to be with her around during her last breathe!

I know that life have to move on and all she need is our prayers..May Allah bless her always because I'm sure, she's one of an amazing people..Ma last time with her was when both of us had the chance to sit down and catching up over breakfast at Imperial Hotel's restaurant Kota Kinabalu..*Sigh*Al-Fatihah to Hjh Senda Hj Mohammad and semoga Allah menempatkan beliau bersama org2 yang beriman Amin Amin Amin..

On the brighter side, Congrates to ma cousin Alyfatul Haziqah binti Abu Hanifah who is now officially a wife to Mr Shah..Congrates guys and you look awesome babe!Semoga Allah mengurniakan segala kebaikan to both of u and also goodluck for your final semester and looking forward to your graduation day already ;)

This month, we are also looking forward to our two good friends Endoy and Nana's wedding day!It will be Endoy's on 20th February and Nana on the following week 27th February!Nervous muvh gurls?ehehehe Congrates to both of you as well!Can't wait ;p

What else do I miss?Hmm..Oh yeah CNY this year was another FUN and SUPERB!Had an amazing day with maboO and her family!Bloated much that day and all the foods was marvellous but one thing which I was looking forward that day ain't being serve!So craving for Aye's wantan soup but again too bad ;( Next year hopefully if times permits ;)

Also another great thing, we celebrated our 10th years anniversary and I'm sure maboO loves her anniversary gift this year ;) I just received ma first gift which is Incipio iPad case and looking forward for ma next gift which will be this week as being promise hehehe *winKz maboO* Had our dinner at Saffron and it's such a nice place to dine-in with our loves one ;)

I think I've wrapped up everything and if I miss something, I will surely update it again ayt but if you are in ma FB, I'm sure you won't miss a thing because fb is so addictive and easy especially uploading photos!Make full use of the technology baby!

Maulud Nabi will be next week and hope we can still hear from one another..Insyallah ;)

Have a great day ahead everyone *hugz*

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to all families, friends and readers =) Hope this year bring more prosperity, loves, happiness, wealth and longevity to all of us Amin amin amin..How's your New Year celebration?Ours?Hehehe don't ask and I'm sure you don't want to know as well!But nevermind, Just get it straight that we slept early which was 2 hours before NYE hehehe..Tired much but it was a GREAT DAY and a GREAT start for 2011..

Had breakfast in the mornin and went to Telisai for Majlis Berdikir then headed to Polo Beach Restaurant for family dinner..We were the only families who had dinner at Polo Beach that night so we can eat as much as we can since its buffet as well and its worth it but the only disadvantage was, the same foods was bein served except one or two dishes which was differ from the 1st time we dined in with Budeh..

During the NYE, we went for Majlis berdikir and Berkhatan in the afternoon and went to The Mall to catch up Tourist movie!It was great but less actions!Bleurggggg!More story line but again 1 thumbs up!After movie, went for Hi-tea at Aneka Rasa Kiulap and lastly to Yayasan before attending Birthday Party also Doa Selamat at Bukit Beruang..

It was another GREAT day spent with ma boO and thanks so much for the Vulcan Strike NERF boO..Assembled it lastnight and bought batteries D Size which cost me $19.90 for 2 adapter with rechargable batteries and its Enelope..Bought 6 batteries and it left a hole in ma purse ;p

Its ok rather then buying batteries frequently by which you can actually save by using rechargable batteries so yeah no regret!Have 3 collections of NERF already and looking forward for the Long Blast again *winKz ma boO*

Hope everyone had a great start and looking forward for a better days ahead..

Till then, Enjoy life to the fullest! ;D