Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Movie + Sushi

Went for a movie wiv some of da starz which is maself & mababe, adeey & mul, aneng & lisa, nana, budeh & ejah kaka..wen we arrived at da mall kejumpaan tia kami bro ading n he told mababe dat fazley was at da I-top wiv some of his first i cud hardly believe it but wen he said lillah bah percaya banar tah kami n he asked mababe to bring along his son n daughter to take a photograph wiv dr n ma babe apa lagi ambil kesempatan lah jua!Inda kejumpaan di KL d Brunei jaditah hehe..

Lapas-lapas begambar kami pun window shoppin but nothin much kan dliat da old same stuffs..da movie dat we watched was Indiana Jones..n da verdict for dat movie will be B-..siok lah n we learned sumthin from dat..

After movie, we rushed to Excapade coz abiz wayang 930pm n den excapade tutup at 1030pm..anyway pictures describe better den words..We really had fun 2nyte and da foods was great..tx guys..

Lovely Couple Adeey & Mul

Aneng & Lisa

Budeh & Ejah Kaka

MaBabe, Maself, Adeey & Mul

Aneng, Lisa, Nana, Imas, Atein & Adeey

Aneng, Lisa & Nana

Lapas makan pun kan kelaie..kekeke..alum kanyang bah me..*winkz*

*We Luvin It*

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bowlin Tourney Between Stargazers & DBratz

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Stargazers Vs DBratz durin da bowlin tournament held at Empire Hotel Country Club..Congrates Stargazers for winnin 2nd place *kekeke* We did our best nganya bukan luck to win anyway we gona try our best again in da near future..

Lunch at Le' Stadium Restaurant Rimba

Chicken Cheeze Pasta
Lamb with BBQ Sauce
Mashed Potato

Complimentary Garlic Bread
Ice Lemon Tea

I Like da Baby Chair hehe

Last Friday we went 2 Le Stadium at Rimba for our lunch..not much people at da moment pasal bulan tua atu kali jua or orang belum byk tau dat restaurant and da foods..da ratin for da foods will be 7 out of 10 wer 10 is da best..I had lamb n ma babe had pasta..choice of drink was ice lemon tea for both..

Badminton Frenly Match Between Stargazers & DBratz

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Badminton Trainin at Kuala Tutong

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Stargazers durin deir trainin at Sekolah Amoi di Kuala Tutong..Few days before da Tourney or Frenly Match..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Verdict B+

Playboy billionaire Tony Stark redefines "mid-life crisis" wen his business trip 2 Afghanistan ends in a terrorist abduction..his captors, hoping 2 put his genius 2 work (and not being exactly MENSA material themselves), give him a high-tech workshop n demand dat he build dem a super-weapon..Of course, he builds a suit of super-armor instead n uses it 2 escape..meanwile back in da States..a nefarious plot has hatched in his absence..wat's a now-virtually-indestructable guy 2 do but foil it?

Verdict A-

Jack and Joy, 2 strangers who head 2 Vegas to drink and gamble away their separate troubles, end up creating a gigantic shared problem wen dey wake up married.. 2 complicate matters, Jack then wins a $3 million slot machine jackpot using Joy's quarter..a sadistic judge freezes da $$$ (and the annulment) until da two can prove that dey've tried 4 six months 2 make da marriage work..It's an all out war as dey fight over da fate of da millions..but a funny thing happens on da way back to da courtroom..actually, a whole lot of funny things, hence da term "comedy." But one is, they fall in love. Hehehe

Friday, May 16, 2008

..Bloggin 4rom CheezBox..

Muka Kelaparan..hehe
Ice Blended Cappuchino
Da PC provide for dine-in customers
Chicken Cheeze Potato *Yummmmyy*
Laksa Nyonya *Sedaaaapp but Spiccyy*
Kolomee Udang

Had ma heavy hi tea *i must say* hehehe wiv ma babe at cheezbox's great..da foods are nice..da price is affordable n actually usin da pc which is bein provided at da cheezbox mainiy for da inhouse customers..coooolll place wiv a very cozy environment well not much differences from da dome but ders an additional children in house playground..

I had laksa nyonya..NYAMAN BUT HOTTTT wer s ma babe had prawn kolomee..drinks were ice cappuchino and coconut jelly green milk cheez baked chicken potatoes..

Before we had our hitea here, we went to Huaho Manggis for groceries shoppin n gez wat sapanah kami jumpa?hehehe always her n no one elze so far BUDEHHHH hehehe..u luk adorable gurl i must say..jan kambang ahhh..u luk slim udah n im sure u will be more slimmer n vogue durin ur bigday..AMIN..

Another thing is dat we are changin plans for Dec..No more HK hehehe hmm..mayb Tokyo, Korea, OZ or mana2 lah yang interestin..wer as for June pun alum confirm coz ma leave for da first week aint approved..hope ma boz change his mind hahaha AMIN..i juz wana bring ma babe out from Bruneiiiiii..hmm..mayb one destination from da country above mentioned..we r so stuckkkkkk hahahaha..sabar beh ahhhh..

Other thiing, juz wana wish 2 all stargazers GOODLUCK for da upcomin badminton tourney..i will be der insyallah to photo shoots ur moves and actions..dun worry guys rely on me for dat..hehehe maklum semua suka bila kana gambar ehehee..

I think dats all 4 now..will update sooner if i do have tym..c ya..

Monday, May 5, 2008

..Juz For Sharin..

I duno wetha its true or not..

First Time Ever N Neva Happen Again

Went to work dz mornin and was stop by da traffic policeman..Confident inda kana speed trap but unfortunately kana suruh ke siring..mun sdh menyiring atu faham2 tah saja apa maksudnya!!N i was da 2nd driver who got caught from da speed trap..D+A+R+N..Some how i havent pay it hehe tunggutah sama jua ada 2 weeks tym to settle it out..Tho its 50Bux but its still MONEYYYYYY..MONEY DAT I EARN N DBAGI CEMATU SAJA ARAH DRG!!Nda blh jadi 2..So people do make sure not drive more den 80Km/Hr wen ure at da Seria By Pass headin to Belait..

Dats 1 thing, another thing was dat and also 1st tym fuel indicator for da VW blinkin tadi!!INDA PERNAH HAPPEN SINCE I HAV MA OWN CAR selama ani!!AGAINNNNN D+A+R+N..Lapas2 kana saman i headed to da fillin station n isi minyak..Urghhhh..Kan marah ada jua p salah sendiri so bare wiv it hahaha..wen i think back cam cali jua..sadang2 jua minyak kreta pun blh lupa membli!!

Ok i think dats it for 2 bed..nyty nyte..

..Badminton Trainin..

Happy Belated Birthday Adeey

Cuba Teka..*Siapakah Di sebelah Kiri Adeey?*

Aneng & Amoi

Nana & Amoi

..Pix from 64..

Had our badminton trainin 4 2 weeks so far..Im sure dz is da 1st tym stargazers members see me trainin n doin ma sport hehehe..P badminton sha yang me pandai n kalau yg lain2 2 sorry lah..i cant adapt maself 2 dat sort of sports..

It was a good trainin so far..had da double match and single 2..but 1 thing i cant do double wiv ma babe..der isnt any connection between da 2 of us in badminton hehe..ONLY BADMINTON..haha..

2nyte only Amoi & Nana, Aneng & Ebeh, Adeey & Mul, Me & MaBabe also Wafi and Ejah Kaka did drop by skajap..Match for 2day start from 5pm until 930pm..It feels really good tho..mengeluarkan peluh dan menyihatkan tubuh badan..Maju sukan untuk negara babe..