Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lunch at Tarindak d'Seni

Starvin Face
Mababe mixin da soup and belacan for cacah ambuyat
Bubur Keladi

Sorry for da bad quality photos..Took it via SE mobile phone

Ups & Downs

Wuhhuuu..its been a while since ma last sorry guys..been busy with works *maybe* heheh..anyway im lookin forward for ma long weekend..3 days straight off den back to work on Monday and YAHOOOOO ma leave officially start and vacation tymmm..i kinda lookin forward for our vacation..first tym goin to KK with ma family by plane..well not me but ma parents..dey rather prefer goin to KK by car but dis tym surprisingly dey wana try it by plane!FIRST TYM SERIOUSLY..

Been workin almost 3 years now in government sector and first tym eva since i was bein transfer to da new unit, i was given task which im good at which is computer related!FINALLY!Excited much2 but again ders still negativity by which i need to refresh everythin back which i left for about more den 5 years since i graduated..i duno, but im glad and happy..

Other than da excitement at work, me n mababe went to Tarindak d’seni for Lunch last Friday..we planned to have our trunch at Season Restaurant but to our surprised da price had been rise up from $20 to $22..well i noe its only $2 difference but again we don’t think its kinda worth it..i still prefer hitea over trunch and da foods is more or less da same..BRING BACK DA HITEA please..

About our lunch at Tarindak it was totally worth it..with da varieties of foods excludin da free flow of drinks it only cost us $30 for 2 which is $15 for each person..i didn’t took alot of pixs at dat tym coz i left ma memory card at home but still manage to take some pixs via ma Sony Ericson Phone..sorry bout da quality of photos and i noe it aint as good as capturin it usin ma DSLR..

Sad thing on dat day which was on Friday, ma unc who is ma mum’s brother passed away..i received a call from ma mum around 3pm and told us dat he’s no longer breathin..i remembered when he asked for me da last tym wen ma parents and ma 2 sistas paid a visit at da hospital but i wasn’t der..i didn’t have da chance to actually see his face coz as we arrived its already too late..i should have visit him last tym and to regret bout it now is worthless..too bad i didn’t have a pix of him either not even a single 1 in ma photos file..*heavy sigh*
So to Tua Yunus’s Family, its time for him to be taken away now but please keep him close to ur heart..he neva asked for anythin in his life as much as he gave everythin to his kids, grandchild and helpin people who was in need..i wasn’t dat close to him either but surely visit him once a year durin hari raya..i dun wana keep on sighin and feelin hopeless again n again but i do regret it..

ALFATIHAH to Yunus bin Haji Mohammad, semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman AMIN..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


for Seafoods
Pantai Restaurant
London Kebab
Secret Recipe
Carrot Cake
Villa Mauri

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

KayahNana EmiloUwa Laki

Sorry for da delayed birthday greetins to u guys..Happy Belated Birthday to all of u..Semoga sentiasa dalam Lindungan Allah sentiasa, dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki & dihindarkan dari semua penyakit AMIN..
I had a great weekend this week coz we went to Miri yesterday hehe..just me & mababe and finally we managed to slot it in our calendar..Exchange rate was 2.42 but ma colleague got 2.43 which is a RM difference..

Upon arrival we went to Bintang Mall which is at the Parkson Buildin..Had breakfast at McD and da foods was unexpected..i think dey reuse da cookin oil and da chickens, fries, nuggets doesn’t taste as good as always except bubur ayam and McChicken was damn good..

Afta breakfast we went for a lil shoppin..really a LIL 1..we just bought 2 pairs of contact lens and its kinda cheap RM25 a pair for FreshKon brand..den bought 2 greetings cards, 2 wrappin papers and dats it..hehe told ya its a LIL shoppin only and we only went to Parkson hahaha..had trunch at Secret Recipe wer we had Lamb Pie, Spag Bolognaise and New York Cheese Cake..

Exactly at 3pm we headed back home and had another groceries shoppin at Soonlee KB..was huntin for clams as well since i din have da chance to eat it for da past few days back home, took ma shower and asked ma mum to cook for me da clams which i bought earlier..alhamdulillah sampai hajat mamam kerang masak kicap also kulit ayam and black pepper beef for dinner..

Dat will be ma only update for today..hehe..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hari Raya Aidiladha at Mababe's Crib

Aqiqah for Mababe's late Father Hj Ali Bin Rahim & Bro Ismail Bin Hj Ali
Mababe & Baby Dania
Mababe, Kamiam, Firdaus & Hj at da back
Mababe & Erah
Firdaus eatin on his own
Baby Dania Kaka Jijah & MababeKa Zubid cookin da Veges
Kamiam with her fried chickens
Baby Dania
Da Sistas Ka Aida, Mababe, Ka Miam & Ka Hamsiah
Ka Aida, Ka Hamsiah, Mababe, Ka Nih & Hj at da back
From Left Bg Salleh, Bg Hassan & Bg Ahmad
Iring & Ka Jijah

Hari Raya Aidiladha at Granny & Tua Hj's Crib

Aly Fatul & Baby NajwaUnc Ngian & FamilyMummy & Baby Najwa Nene Umi & Malai
Daging Rendang
Roasted Chicken
Babah alai & Babah
Malai, Mamatua & Buiring
3 Pendekar
Unc Hassan & Umie
Umi, Mama, Matua & Malai
Fatul & Nisah
Baby Najwa
Fatul, Fifi & Fern