Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Bday Baby

First of all Happy Birthday 2 u babe..May all ur dreams come true n be a better person each and every day..I know lyf is gettin challengin each day but im sure as we grow older we manage to think of a solutions for all problems arise..

To be forever is imposible but 2 have u forever in ma heart will be always do..ure da greatest thing dat ever happen to me..ure always der wen i need u..a shoulder 2 cry on, an ear to listen every of ma sigh and an arms to cuddle me wen im in tears..wat more can i ask?

Juz bare in mind dat im here always for u tru ur sadnez and happinez..Hope u have a great and smashin bday diz might not be a grand bday celebration diz year but i hope bein surrounded wiv ur luv 1 especially ur family and good friends dat will complete u on ur bday..

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