Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First vacation together

Assalam and hello to you..How are things going on?Hope everything goes well as you wish..As for me life is so damn great Alhamdulillah besyukur to have my great family, other half and friends who appreciate me.

Less than a week for our yearly family vacation and back from our family vacation will be something that I look forward too which is my vacation with ma darling yahooooo!!!! Can’t wait for our 2nd vacation together sweetheart

Talking about our vacation together, we just had our very first one during my birthday this year and it was amazingly awesome!!It was 4 days 3 nights fully paid vacation and thanks dearest for the birthday gift also the special surprise..Heart ya much sweetheart..
Upon our arrival which was at 8pm, we checked in, settled down and off for seafood dinner at waterfront just exactly in front of our hotel that we stayed..Had a great catching up and spent quality time together until mid night.
The next day, we went to Manukan Island for snorkelling and parasailing but before that we had our breakie at Nyonya Restaurant and surprise surprise the food was superb..The prawn meehoon is something to die for hahaha and now I’m drooling for it Damn!!..Besides than the mee hoon, the ala-carte such as curry chicken, butter prawns, sambal squids, baby kalian and not forgetting the abc for dessert are much recommended but make sure to request extra spicy or not according to your taste bud..
Once we arrived at the jeti, we were surprised that there are booths selling durians and rambutans because I remembered the last time I went there, there isn’t any booth at the Jeti..Its cheap and the fruits were yummyyy!!Spent about half an hour eating durians mostly and some rambutans..
We were also lucky that one of the agencies offered a very good deal for the boat ride, parasailing and also the entrance fees at RM100 for two! Inclusive of the snorkelling equipments too..It was my second time for parasailing and it’s still awesome but my other half was bit nervous since that was her first time experienced but overall we enjoyed everything we did at Manukan and what happened at Manukan stayed at Manukan hehehe LOL..
Departed at around 3pm from Manukan and had our late lunch at the jeti itself and I had something new from the menu which was Crispy Kuewtiaw with prawns and that was again another great food to try if you have the chance..It’s more or less like wet kuewtiaw but this one is crispy kuewtiaw instead of the normal noodles and tomyam was also delicious and very very spicy..
Just an advice to all who have the intention to do snorkelling at Sabah, I would not recommend Manukan unless you are willing to go far from the shore due to the corals..I was expecting a short rambling but I guess it’s another long one..Have a great day ahead guys..

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