Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day OuT

Went out for shoppin last night wiv mababe n Nana..Off at around 6pm, fetched Nana at Penanjong n headed to Capers for our dinner..We had 3 different types of pizzas and 5 different types of pastas..It was great n wallllaaaaaa..marvellous hehhe..Nana only had 1 type of pasta n few slices of pizzas n us?nda pyh gtau lah ah..we ate da rest of it..We had 5 slices of pizza leftovers n was charged $6 for all..hmm..luan mendulur nafsu makan inda plang abiz kekeke..

Afta dinner we went to Innerspace..saja jalan2 kan cuci mata also kan survey furniture mainly for bedroom..da bed set is very nice n its price ranges from 2k to 4k includin da mattress..hmm im plannin to paint ma room wiv 2 tones of colours but aint sure wat colour shud i paint?im plannin 2 paint it wiv creamy colour on top and redish maroon for da down side..hmm..do give idea to sapa2 yg sudi menolong..

For shoppin we went to Huaho Manggis, bought 3 pieces of Fila tshirts n nana bought some stuffs 2..I wana have a break out from Brunei..I REALLYYY DOOOO..kan blayar dz month nda jua dapat!Full schedule dah n next month sdh puasa..urghhhhh batah jua eh DECEMBER ani??

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