Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DamN FcukiN aInT SatiSFiED

I juz dun understand why some ppl cudnt put deir shoes on others situation!I juz hate it so much wen deir fcukin ego beyond dem!!I duno wer 2 start but i really need to let go..im sick n sick of dz person continuously..im tryin 2 acept dz person but things juz happen n its gettin worst n i juz cudnt help maself to accept it again now..no more rooms for dz person!!I cud pretend infront of dz person but sorry i juz hate 2 c ur face fcukin asshole!!

Da real story..hmm..i juz duno how to put it into words!!Promize at da first place n broke it less den a day!!Dz person reason aint relevant n INDA MEMIKIRKAN ORANG LAIN!!Well others have our own difficulties but wat dz person think is only dz person personal things..i dun wana talk much coz im feelin bit better now..

*Its not family related nor ma frenz* Its sum1 outder..

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