Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday BoO

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ma dearest boO Masyati Haji Ali..Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki and dihindarkan daripada segala penyakit..Sentiasa dalam pemeliharaan Allah AMIN..I will always be there for you through your ups and downs baby..Though how many birthdays are coming ahead, I promise you, ME..Love you to bits boO..Hope you’d enjoyed your birthday this year but we both have to go for an official birthday dinner as always..hehehe..sorry for all the lies boo..I just don’t want to break the surprised and I do know that it hurts you in a way but again you’re the happiest person for that day..ain’t you? ;p

Let’s start with her first surprised which happened at Excapade Gadong..It was on the 07th March 2010 by which today, it happened to be Napi’s Birthday as well but unfortunately Napi wasn’t able to join us..So I’d lied to mababe n told her that Nana had planned to make a surprise birthday for her fiancĂ© at Excapade and I was asked to buy a cake for him..So far it went well and i texted some of our friends about this surprised and Alhamdulillah almost everyone made it except for Napi, Ebih, Emil and Amoi..

The next day, I was up early and excited all my way from Kuala Belait to Tutong..As i fetched her, she asked me to accompany her to TAIB bank so I’m good with it..She decided to wait for her turn which was at that time, we had to wait for another 7 people..Yeah the number looks small but waiting for her turn was SUCKS! Just imagine 1 person took approximately 15 to 20 mins to get their ass from the counter and clock strike at 1030am already..It’s half an hour to go for the surprised..I gave her a suggestion that why not we go Kiulap later after our lunch instead of waiting for so long and it won’t be nice for us to come late since we will be bringing the cake for Napi and luckily she AGREED!

Went to Le’Apple and she chose her own cake hehehe..kesian ma boO pilih cake sendiri for your birthday but again it’s something special for yourself and it doesn’t happened all the time ;p..Once we were done at Le’Apple, we then headed to Excapade Gadong and luckily the rest came a bit late and request for an extension of both of us took a sweet time n now she carried her own birthday cake to Excapade..Hehehe

Our room was at VIP 4 and I prepared my camera so that i won’t missed the special moments..*winKz* 5 minutes later, I was kinda shocked that Adeey and Mul came but Alhamdulillah Adeey knows how to cover it..The surprised went well and she gave the ‘Banggang Face’ to everyone!Yeay my surprised went well Alhamdulillah!

Here, I would like to thanks Nana *sorry jual nama mu leng ah*, Aneng, Lisa, Adeey, Mul & Budeh..Alhamdulillah the surprised went well as much as I want it to happened!Owh also did i shared with you guys that she even questioned why did i wrote BABE on her birthday cake since Napi is a guy and it doesn’t sounds right! And luckily when we were at Le’Apple, Nana asked me to call her URGENT so yeah i told her that Nana asked to change it to ‘Hubby’ but it was too late because i got it done earlier..heheheh Nana was my life saver hehehe Thanks leng.. Another thing that I want to share is that mababe brought her own Birthday Hat heheh..Thought it will be for Napi but naaaa.. it’s for you ma boO..

Hope you like it baby and one of your wish had been granted which is to have a birthday cake! I purposely make it an advance due to her volleyball Inter-ministry Tournament and again BIG THANKS to EVERY1 who made it HAPPENED! I know i can always rely on you guys *bighugz*

Her second surprised was yesterday which was exactly on 09th March 2010..I made planned earlier to give her a surprised at home along with her family..She texted me that she want me to be with her during her birthday but unfortunately I told her that I can’t due to some reasons and she just couldn’t accept it and went mad! I do have the intention to tell her that I will be seeing her but again that will just ruined it all so I let her to get mad and she didn’t responded to any of my text messages..*kesian me* After work, i went to Supasave to buy her a birthday cake and 3 stalks of different Pink colour Roses and while I’m on my way to Tutong, i made a call to her sister and niece about my plan and let her sleep till I arrived..

Upon arrival, I gathered all the kids and her sisters except her mum since she has a difficulty to go up due to her we all keep quiet and went up to her room while she was still sleeping.. We knocked on her door and sang her birthday song! She was again surprised with the flowers that Auni gave her and the birthday cake that her sister brought..She was able to smile and got excited! Hehehe Again I’m so sorry that I had lied and I have the same reason with the first surprised! Love you baby with all my heart..*huGz*Thanks to her sisters, nephews and nieces also her sporting Mama..They all love you so much and you are blessed to have them in your entire life..

Before i end up my long post this time, i would like to Congratulate Mababe and her MOE team members for winning the volleyball match vs JPM yesterday with 3-2 points..Today will be against Pembangunan at 4pm..Wish you guys all the best and Goodluck..Im sure you guys can do it well..On the other hand, i would also congratulate MOE’s Netball players for winning all the matches so far..You guys can surely win again this year and all the best also Goodluck gurls..

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