Monday, March 29, 2010

Nothin Much

Happy Birthday to everyone who is / was celebrating their birthday this month..I kinda lost track for March celebrants due to a lot of family members and friends are celebrating it this month..So sorry guys but anyway my prayer will be always for you guys..Success always, may you guys be bless and happy always..AMIN

I wasn’t feeling well for the past few weeks maybe due to the hot weather as well..My temperature was 38 degree Celsius and was given one day MC..Took ma meds and had ma great sleep during ma mc and Alhamdulillah I’m feeling much better each and every day now..

Thanks to mababe for being there for me and thanks to ma sis Ifa who had brought me to the usual, it was a long wait at the hospital and also at the pharmacy but it was ok i guess..Useless in arguing about those matter but the Brunei Government or MOH could have recruit more doctors for OPD so that they can actually speed up the times for waiting..

I don’t know what to do more in Brunei..Wanting to go out for an outing but I don’t have company and we don’t know where to go actually..I want to take more photos to sharpen up ma skills and to learn more about angels, lighting and so on..I need to talk with someone who is really into photography and learn from them more about photography..

The stars were being invited to celebrate Darwish 1st Birthday as well as Doa Selamat for the new born baby Rayyan and also Doa Selamat for Aneng and Ebih’s parents to perform Umrah..Alhamdulillah everything went well and we had a chance to actually catch up with everyone..

Been craving for lots of foods lately..Italian, Japanese, ambuyat and so much more..hehehe but I don’t want to make it a habit or its just me?hehehe..Always had the intention to go to Villa Mauri for Italian but until now, we haven’t find a free slot to do so or may be its just because me n mababe are so very the lazy bum2 to go that far..

School holiday had came to an end and now it’s time for all the teachers to work and students to go back to their routine life as a vacation this time due to no leave being signed by our big boss and I’m so sorry babe..Will bring you out for short trip to KK insyallah by end of this month or next month ok boO..

Before I end up, its ma 3rd Year Working Anniversary this month..Alhamdulillah di atas segala pemberian and rezeki mu Ya Allah..Ku bersyukur di atas nikmat yang engkau berikan..murahkan lah rezeki hamba mu ini dan berkatilah segala rezeki yang engkau berikan kepada ku..Jadikanlah hamba mu ini insan yang lebih berguna kepada masyarakat, Negara dan agama..AMIN AMIN AMIN..

Also i would like to thank my parents and sisters for everything..For all the supports, courage and most of all love and to mababe, you’re one of the most important person behind ma success too..There isn’t any words to describe best about you for being there for me always..Love u guys to bits..

Last week we went to Capers to celebrate ma 3rd Year Working Anniversary..We had a great time together as always and of course great meals too..Had 5 types of pastas and it was all marvellous..Didn’t have the chance to have pizzas due to bloated with pastas and a jug of ribena hehehe..Wanted to watch Remember Me movie but unfortunately the movie started quite late and surely end up around 11pm so we made up our mind and cancel it instead we went to Hua Ho for retail therapy..

Birthday Nadia was a blast and i’m sure da AJK and parents also the rest of family members did a great job organising her 1st Birthday Party..Happy Birthday to u baby girl also Happy Birthday to baby Darwish who had celebrated his birthday last week..Sorry we couldn’t come that night..Enjoy getting older to both of you so that it will be easy for your both parents to bring u guys for a vacation and buy lots of toys hehehe..

So boO, I’ve updated ma blog now and don’t complaint much hehehe..*huGz*

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