Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Weekend

Hello readers =) How are you this morning?I'm feeling great after one whole day spending quality times with ma boO..Had breakfast earlier at Pasar Seria yesterday with ma parents after sending ma youngest sister to tuition..Unfortunately after our breakfast, ma dad's car broke down!He had changed the car battery last two days but another thing came up and had sent it over to workshop..Kaching $$

While waiting for ma dad bestie, we went to Soon Lee to kill our time and waiting for mababe to fetched me and ma 2 sisters..As we arrived, me and mababe had Nasi Serambangun for breakie again..Yeah I know that's ma second breakfast yesterday after I had nasi ayam earlier..hehehe

While having breakfast, I decided to transfer Royal Pains Season 1 from ma laptop to ma pendrive and luckily I can open the files and play it on ma DVD player..An advantage of having USB ports in the DVD player huh!Thanks to ma dearest boss for helping us to download it hehehe..

After breakie, watching Royal Pains, me and mababe gettin ready to go for the DST Road Show..It was overall OK with all the FUN activities but we were looking for more excited events since it's the 15th Anniversary hehehe..Maybe there will be more events or carnival soon =) We participated the Lucky Draws and the final draw will be at 430pm so while waiting me and mababe decided to have our Hi-Tea at Ideal eating fries, onion rings, mini sausages and belgium waffles..

We then headed back to KB and went to Tamu KB to buy some kuih-muih also air kelapa..Alhamdulillah kanyang banget for the day..Just imagine I ate 5 times yesterday including dinner *WOW* LOL

That's all for now and have a great weekend everyone since I'm going to have a GREAT Sunday this week =) Looking forward to it!Have a pleasant day ahead everyone

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