Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I hope its aint to late to wish all the mothers in this world HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY especially goes to Ma Beloved Mama Hjh Salmah binti Haji Mohammad..

Thanks for everything mama..Though I seldom or maybe could hardly say I LOVE YOU to you, but deep in ma heart I really do LOVE YOU with all ma heart!You can't be replace with any entire things in this whole entire world mama..

Being a mother is not an easy job to deal with!They had carried us for 9 months without complaining much and had taught / teach us to be a better person each and every day..I know its one of the toughest thing to do and I'm so much grateful that you're the greatest and important person in ma life mama..

I love you to bits and nothing can change that for sure though there are times I might have hurt you in so many ways!You're the GREATEST Mama!

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