Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Been A While

Assalam..Hello everyone and how's your day so far?Hope for a wonderful day ahead everyone!I know its been a while since the last time I posted something..I'm so sorry for the lack of updates due to hectic schedule and also Facebook make ma life easier..I think should make uploading photos easier unlike now =)

Been through up and down lately and life is so unpredictable but bare in mind that Allah will be always there for you and what you have to do is to always ask for his help and work your ass out instead of asking him to help but no effort from ourself..

So lets make it simple and summarize..

1. Ma birthday had been so great this year with 4 birthday cakes and 1 big ahad's burger..I didn't expect for the big burger though but yeah I've been longing for it heheh Thanks for ma beloved family mainly ma 2 sisters and ma boO for the great surprises..

2. Officially an Apple's lover now!Bought an iPad and iPhone 4 and all I can say I'M LOVIN IT SO MUCH!!Lookin forward for either Mac Book Pro or iMac 27" ;D *winKz ma boO*

3. Will be on vacation from tomorrow 17th to 22nd Dec to Ho Chi Minh with ma family also ma darlin hehehe..wish us luck and We *me and ma sisters* did our homework already on where to go for shopping also theme parks..What I'm excited most is our hotel will be exactly at the main city!Hope for a great family vacation *Amin*

4. Another family vacation will be to KK from 27th Dec to 30th Dec..Aint sure whether to go there by car or plane..Need to browse cheap air fares else I have to bear with all the tiredness!*Not good* Teehee

As for ma New Year, No specific plan for it yet but I'm planning for sleep over at Miri with ma dearest cousins and sisters also baby fruits!But on the other hand, ma boO want to stay at The Empire just to enjoy everything they can offer!So yeah, it's still too early to plan for the new year thingy =)

Its ma last day at work today and I shall get back to work now hehehe..Busy Bee since yesterday and Before I end up, GURLS we had a GREAT LUNCH at Nyonya and Indah Damai with everyone and we shall do it again with ALL STARS before school reopen Insyallah!

I'm signin off for now!Lots of Loves and Hugs from me ;D Have a great day ahead!

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