Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ho Chi Minh

Hello guys..How is your weekend this week?Mine is great as usual *Alhamdulillah* and other great thing is that we are enjoyin ourself at Vietnam now for 6 Days 5 Nights family vacation..Upon our arrival, we checked in at ASIAN HOTEL and our first lunch was at Parkson which is just next to our hotel!Amazing right!There are only 2 options which are the Malaysian Restaurant and Pakistani Restaurant and both are great unless you're too choosy to eat!

After lunch, we went to BAN THAN market and it takes 15mins to walk from our hotel..The environment is quite good but the traffic is quite hectic especially with more than 50mill motorists..Walking is tirin but I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as we did..While heading to the market, you can see alot of people selling shades, drinks, cigars, shirts, boxers, purses, belts and many more..Prices range is very very cheap as low as USD 2 for the shades mainly..

As soon as we arrived at BAN THAN market, it's much expected place that our parents loves to go especially mine hehehe..What to expect at this market?Cheap Shirts, Skirts, Jeans, Fruits, Handbags, Shoes and many more!Spent nearly 3 hours and theres more shops to go..we visited only 40% and energy went drained off already!We surely will come back again maybe tomorrow..

The time here tickin pretty slow I guess!If you are looking for modern clothing with International Brand here, it is less recommended for you to come over..Its totally OUTDATED and I was very much dissapointed!BO HO RING I must say!You might be wondering what about foods?Halal foods to be specific is easy to find here and its AMAZING!Of all 4 places I love DNyonya more than Halal @ Saigon, Pakistani and DAnjung also the best part is, its CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP..For our first lunch, which is for 6 of us only cost Bnd26..Had 6 maincourse with 10 drinks where as our first dinner cost us slightly more which is Bnd60 but this time, foods are twice as much from our lunch..So finding Halal foods won't be as difficult as other people had claimed!

Will update something else about our stay and experienced here other time ayt!Signing off for now and yes our hotel room has a Wifi but unfortunately, it won't allow us to upload any pictures and downloading anything ;D

Love ME from Saigon *huGz*


Anonymous said...

i like your blog sis

ATEIN said...

Thanks dear.. =)