Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We miss ur laughters and smilesMababe last photo wiv her beloved babah
..Pix durin our dinner at ILotus last year 18th August 2008..

Assalammualaikum..yeah i noe its been a while since da last tym i posted sumthin ere..Its been a tough year dz year i must say or i should keep on believin dat everythin ada hikmah disebaliknya..First of all Takziah to mababe MASYATI BINTI HJ ALI for da demise of her beloved father HJ MOHAMMAD ALI BIN RAHIM on 29th June 2009..

I noe it aint easy to face da world without our beloved one but most important thing is we hafta b strong n lyf must go on baby..I promise u dat i will be owez wiv u tru ur happiness and sadness..u can rely on me baby..if ure lookin a shoulder to cry on, a good listener and a fren to rely on we are here for u baby..ur frens is always der weneva u need sure dey are..

We had a great family vacation from 22nd June till 26th June to KL..Done wiv mababe's bro weddin too and alhamdulillah everythin berjalan dengan lancar..Pengurusan jenazah from hospital, dimandikan, dikafankan, disembahyangkan and dikuburkan berjalan dengan lancar..

On behalf of mababe and family, i wud like to thanks every1 who had come over, texted condelences msgs to mababe, sedekah and much2 more..She need supports from every1 ryte now to stand straight and be strong enough again..

Seriously though he's not ma real dad, but i was loved by him..he neva treated me as a stranger since da 1st tym i stepped into his house..he always share alot of things wen we sit togetha at da dinin room and even at da livin room..misses all of his jokes..since he knew dat im not into manual cars and weneva ders a car infront of mine wen i wana go to work every mornin, he's always ready wiv da car key n moved da car earlier and will said "Inda ko dapat kerja 2 pasal ada kereta kaka mu memblock" but he actually moved it earlier..*sob*sob*

Other than that,wen mababe warmed up ma car n i was kinda betebiat mandi n besiap, babah will switch off da car engine for me..i noe he's one of a kind man in da world n i do feel da loss too..
im not sure wetha u knew it or not but in ma heart ders always luv for u..

Ya Allah engkau permudahkan lah segalanya baginya di alam sana, terangilah kubur nya dan tempatkan lah beliau bersama orang-orang yang beriman..AMIN..ALFATIHAH..

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