Thursday, July 16, 2009


Its Friday 2day and im feelin tired maybe due 2 da 5hours sleep only..we will be watchin Harry Porter 2nyte at The Mall Cineplex at 730pm with Aneng & Lisa, Nana, Adeey & not sure if ders an additional members joinin us since Aneng booked for 10 seats..

Before catchin up movie, me n mababe will have our trunch at Season's Restaurant..its lunch and not sure wetha im gona stay awake durin da movie since im gona be damn full from da trunch and harry porter is not ma kind of movie but mababe loves it much much..

Afta movie we might cruise around BSB to see all da colourful lightnin bulbs if we aint tired or else we might just headin back to Tutong since i will be on duty tomorrow for da H1N1 temperature checkup i guess..*kinda not sure and not clear*..

Puasa is more or less a month ahead from 2day and am i ready for dat?Insyallah im..mababe will be owez der to hear all ma sighin n comfort me weneva i feel da hunger..startin from 13th July 2009 i started ma medication and its kinda tough for me..i hafta control ma foods, keep on exercisin and monitor da progress..

Im sure with a strong determination and not bein an ignorant person i can manage it slowly..tho da progress for now might be slow and dficult so damn much but hopefully i can cope wivit..i noe ma family n especially mababe will be owez der for me and keep me stronger to face everythin..

Afta puasa will be hari raya..preparation for hari raya?Hmm..had collect our baju raya and i think its enough for dz year..will be searchin for tudung to match da baju2 raya and also some still can use ma last year raya shoes and slipers..others?mayb decoratin ma rum again hehehe..juz cant get rid from decoratin it hehehe..

Puasa, Hari Raya and next is ma birthday..hehehe..oh well it will be ma sis's bday on oct den mine..but ma bday is ma most concern hahaha..i duno wetha i will be here in brunei to celebrate it or not but i wish to celebrate it outside da country..wats ma bday prezie dz year?ive been eyein for Nikon D300 and few accessories..but if it aint happenin, all i want is to have small doa selamat for family n frens plus vacation hehehe..

Will be listin out ma birthday wish list so dat it will be easier for someone out der hehehe..i wan da super mario bday cake..u can have a look at d cake pix at ma previous post before dis..

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