Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Its Wednesday already today n yeahh its almost weekend hehehe..Last Friday we went for Harry Porter movie with Nana & Napi, Adeey & Mul, Aneng & Lisa..For me its kinda good but not much of action compared to da previous Harry Porter movies..and also surprisingly i din fall asleep hehehe..Alhamdulillah bebaloi jua ma $9 for da movie ticket..

Over da weekend, we went to Perayaan Bandar..Didnt expect anythin much from da perayaan due to da virus but still ramai lah jua orang..din actually manage to browse everythin yg kana jual sana due to limited of tym and rainin..

Hmm..wat else?im stuck in Brunei doin nothin..kan ke Miri pun nda dapat!Sigh..hope everythin will be back to normal as soon as possible..nda tahan eh kana torture cemani ani..seriously!!Jantah kan tempat jauh2 Miri kah or KK will be gud enuf..

Effectively from 010709, me n mababe will be only goin out cruisin, shoppin and all sort of activities every Friday..Y?its our spoiler day of da week wer by we can spoil ourselves by doin shoppin, makan besar, movies and yang sewaktu denganya hehehe..

In terms of ma job..i do luv ma job so much but im thinkin of goin in a different direction which offers me much higher income compare to now..ma job now is preparin projects, monitorin projects, doin payments and anythin related..Its not ma real major actually since im a Computer Students..i try to implement a system in da office but dey find it useless, dficult n still prefer paper work..*Bilatah kan maju?*

Im not complainin about ma job but i wana find a dfrent experience..maybe i will think about da offer which will be 2x ganda gajinya n i must think wisely and sacrifice ma tym..it wont be menyanang as i was told..well dat doesnt matter as long as gaji nya setimpal hehehe..

Ok den, dats it for now..have a great day and take care always

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