Monday, December 7, 2009

I had a great weekend this week coz we went to Miri yesterday hehe..just me & mababe and finally we managed to slot it in our calendar..Exchange rate was 2.42 but ma colleague got 2.43 which is a RM difference..

Upon arrival we went to Bintang Mall which is at the Parkson Buildin..Had breakfast at McD and da foods was unexpected..i think dey reuse da cookin oil and da chickens, fries, nuggets doesn’t taste as good as always except bubur ayam and McChicken was damn good..

Afta breakfast we went for a lil shoppin..really a LIL 1..we just bought 2 pairs of contact lens and its kinda cheap RM25 a pair for FreshKon brand..den bought 2 greetings cards, 2 wrappin papers and dats it..hehe told ya its a LIL shoppin only and we only went to Parkson hahaha..had trunch at Secret Recipe wer we had Lamb Pie, Spag Bolognaise and New York Cheese Cake..

Exactly at 3pm we headed back home and had another groceries shoppin at Soonlee KB..was huntin for clams as well since i din have da chance to eat it for da past few days back home, took ma shower and asked ma mum to cook for me da clams which i bought earlier..alhamdulillah sampai hajat mamam kerang masak kicap also kulit ayam and black pepper beef for dinner..

Dat will be ma only update for today..hehe..

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