Friday, December 4, 2009

New Moon Movie’s weekend already and I’m lookin forward for it coz i wana relax and stay at home..cleanin ma room, ma car and all sorts of things..went for a movie today NEW MOON to be specific and im givin a verdict of wasn’t wat i expect from da beginnin..da movie was kinda slow and its more towards STORY TELLIN den an action taken..da endin is quite depressin as well..i was like DATS IT??we watched it at Empire Cinema and thanks to Adeey for buyin us da tickets in’s been more den 5 years since da last time i went to Empire Cinema..i kinda dislike it due to da seats which is not comfy n hard..but again its better den not to bring mababe to watch da New Moon since she’s so damn excited and patiently wait for it..

Our planned was actually to have dinner at Pantai Restaurant for da BBQ Seafoods Dinner but sadly, dey are doin promotion for other theme until 16th seems like we hafta wait again till 16th..cravin, cravin & afta da movie, i wanted to eat Clams or Kerang Kicap but again i was down for da 2nd tym due to no clams at we went to Sengkurong to have Nasi Ayam Penyet n again it was FULLY OCCUPIED..another SIGH..n da 3rd place we went was Neptune Seafoods and unfortunately da clams was all BIG and i dun think it will be as nice as da smaller version DARN!!..this thing will always happen wen ure in need or lookin for 1 particular thing, it wont be der!DUGAAN..lastly i only ate Nasi Katok Serambangun!!Worst come to worst..but again Alhamdulillah, i managed to filled up ma tummy with foods..

Ok im off to bed now..thanks for readin ma blog..Good Nyte every1..n also Anugerah Skrin dis year was kinda bored..

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