Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ma 2nd Day

Its ma 2nd day workin at ma new unit today and i had great time so far..had a lil farewell celebration for one of d officer Ema by which she will be transfer to Bdr and more photos session in da afternoon heheh..what i love in this new unit is that they are cool, sportin and simply da best..hope that doesn’t change at all..appreciate their guidance and help so much..

Was off sendin babah just now to da airport..he will be away again and always pray for his safety and better health while he’s away from was rainin heavily and windy but Alhamdulillah we were able to reach home safe..had dinner at rasamas airport since it will be hassle for us to stop again just to have dinner and mama doesn’t fancy dat at all ehehe..

Nothin much again for dis post since ive updated it yesterday..wish mababe will be always with me at this moment to send and fetch me at work..hehe but again i dun wana be selfish since she have a mother to take care off alsooooo we will be spendin tym 2getha 10 days straight durin our vacation..yehhhaaaa..once a week will be good enough kan babe..*insistin* ;-p

Lookin forward to have Udang Galah and Ikan Keli aka Pecel Lele for lunch tomorrow..hahaha..*Jgn bekirik beh* kekeke..mudahan sampai jahat again..da best foods in da world is home cook foods by luvly mama..nothin will change dat insyallah..

Another activity for tomorrow will be goin to Yappe to checkout da latest version of BB also getting some hangers mainly for ma baju plannin to clean up ma room again tomorrow but again it depends..da weather is so damn good lately and i don’t have any new dvd box set to watch..been eyein for da latest season of Private Practice but again still thinkin on buyin doz..

Ok den it’s getting late, have a pleasant day tomorrow and days ahead people..pray for our bonus to be pay before 25th December..AMIN AMIN AMIN Ya Allah..

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