Friday, February 12, 2010

GonG Xi GonG xI

Happy Advance Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating it..It’s a tiger year for this year and i do hope it bring all happiness to everyone..

I know it has been a while since the last post that i posted here..busy?not really! But ma Friday and Sunday are fully scheduled..Ma Fridays will be the day for me and mababe to spend time together either out for a movie, retail therapy, window shopping or simply dining out..Whereas for da 1st week of ma Sunday in February was out to see mababe and the team playing netball for the teachers netball tournament at MPH..Whereas this week will be ‘Makan-makan haul’ at ma granny’s crib which is just infront of ma house..hehehe..

The latest movie that both of us went for was the Vampire Assistant if I’m not mistaken and it wasn’t that bad either..But I think due to ma tiredness, I felt asleep towards the end of the show and I don’t think mababe realised it till she read this post hehehe..Cowei baby..

After movie, mababe brought me to Sengkurong and we had the great Nasi Ayam Penyet with Baby Kailan Oyster Sauce and Satay Kambing also Urat..Damn bloated after the late dinner and thanks to mababe for the treat..

Also last week, another family member had just passed away due to cancer.. Didn’t expect he will left us that soon but again ALLAH loves him more..ALFATIHAH to Juwasa bin Haji Ladi and semoga rohnya dicucuri oleh ALLAH and ditempatkan bersama orang – orang yang beriman AMIN..

We also had the chance to bring our baby VW for a servicing last week and i finally had the chance to ask the wipers for our dearest VW and guess what?!?! The 2 front wipers cost $110 which is $55 each and the back wiper cost $40!!DARNNNNN with that price of $150, i can get an external hardisk me n mababe decided not to buy it from the agent, if we have other options that is!..It’s not that I didn’t went to any shops and asked whether they sell it that type of wipers but I just have to accept the fact that NOT EVEN A SINGLE SHOPS SELL IT!!*Sabar mode*

So we finally went to the shop near by SCB Gadong which is one block with Hua Ho and asked the same question and unfortunately he said NO..The wipers have different lock which make it differ from others and they don’t sell it..Another SIGH but gratefully the worker gave me another suggestion to change the rubber instead of the whole thing..So in other words change the wiper’s rubber but used the wiper’s body back since the lock is unique..I was wondering at first and asked maself whether is it possible to do that or not but decided to give it a shot! So I agreed and asked him to change just one of the wiper first..After 5mins of fixing it then I was asked to give it a try and it’s a SUCCESSSS..yippppiiieeee..With the great success and excitement, I decided to change the other 2 wipers and again I’m so happy with the outcome..

After all the installation, i asked for the bill and he charged me $5 for the labour charge and the wipers only cost me $40!!Did u guys see the difference??Agent would have charge me $150 without the labour charge and I only paid $45 including the labour charge at that shop!i save $105 guys and YES ITS WORTH IT!now i can put a BIG SMILE on ma face for the wonderful things..Save more kachinggg for vacation hehehe..

For that, we had spent $45 for wipers, $120 for servicing, $40 for alignment, balancing and rotating the tyres for our dearest baby VW..It’s his 3rd year anniversary this year and we are pampering him hehe..This month will be his insurance which is yet to be find out how much do we have to pay..

Wuhoo its a long posting this time and before i end up i would like to wish HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to ma dearest & beloved sista AFIFAH BINTI HAJI BAHAR..semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki and menjadi seorang insan yang berguna to the family and to all..we always loves you no matter what gonna happen to this world..also congratulate to ma dearest cousin SITI FARHANA BINTI HAJI MOHAIDDIN a.k.a FERN who will be engage with AK SHARIZAN a.k.a EJAN *sorry if there is an error in spelling* next week 21st of February 2010..Now you guys are taking it a step further, please do take care of the relation and there will be a lots of obstacles coming ahead but with your sincerity, trust, honesty and love, I am sure you guys can tackle it..CONGRATES BABE!Ka10 will be always there for you guys if you in need of anything ok..

Other than that, we the CIS02 will be organising a picnic on the 27th February at Pantai Seri Kenangan if everything persists..Looking forward for this 1 and I am missing the STARS badly..Miss to hang out with them, movies and lots of things which we use to do everything together..

I think that’s it for now..GONG XI FA CAI to all the Chinese..Have a pleasant day ahead everyone..

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