Monday, February 15, 2010

Karma is BIYATCH

Hello you..How are you doing today? How are your long holidays? Hope you have a great days with your beloved family and friends during the festive season or simply relaxing at home..

Anyway, congrates to all the teachers from Tutong who had participated during the Netball Tournament which was held last month and ended last 07th February for the final..Alhamdulillah they managed to get 3rd place for all the efforts and team works..1st place goes to UBD and 2nd place goes to one of Brunei Muara teachers but not sure which part..CONGRATES again to all the winning team..

During the tournament, mababe’s knee got twisted and she couldn’t continue the game and it was really frustrating for her but as for me it’s the knee which is more important than the game itself..No worries k babe as long as you can play for your upcoming Volleyball Inter-ministry Tournament which is coming soon..anyway being able to get top 3 is good enough and there was so much controversy happened during the tournament but again we can’t do anything much about it since they KNOW THE RULES BETTER DEN US..

Mababe had a hard time moving around for quite some times and Alhamdulillah now she’s able to walk again but still looking forward for a full recovery..Get well soon ayt boO..*huGz*

This year, Chinese new year falls the same day with Valentine’s day but again we are not allowed to celebrate the V-Day here in Brunei and Haram for all Muslim..Why do we have to celebrate one love day? Can’t we make every day as our love day? hehe i am just wondering but again there is nothing fancy to think off! ;p

Also, this year me and mababe ain’t joining the rest of the family members visiting houses for CNY..It’s our first time breaking the tradition of not visiting but again, makan2 haul is more important so that we can recite tahlil together and gave it to all family members which is no longer with us and that includes mababe’s dad..Semoga roh2 mereka dicucuri rahmat, diterangi oleh cahaya2 dan ditempatkan bersama orang – orang yang beriman AMIN AMIN AMIN YA ALLAH..

Last week, i decided to bring some of ma cuzies who are in KB to hangout and catching up with one another..we had been busy with our own life, works and others so why not just spend few hours dinning and chit chatting over dinner..Me, mababe, Ifa, Faiz, Anim, Amat, Fern & Ejan had dinner at Taman Baru on Friday and had another dinner at Ahad’s Burger stall on Saturday night excluding Faiz..we had so much fun talking about stuffs but unfortunately our dearest cuzy Fatul couldn’t make it due to packing her stuffs..

After the function last Sunday, there are some emotional situation that we have to handle but Alhamdulillah with the brain that ALLAH giving us, me managed to overcome it..The only thing is now to find out who is that one particular person! I’m afraid that he is actually THAT ONE PERSON whom he is referring to but ma parent told us not to think negatives and simply point finger to any of them since we still have ALLAH who can always protect us and show us WHO regardless of time..

We never had this situation before and NOT respecting our granny over the discussion really HURT US so damn badly among the cousins who knew about this matter..We are ok with everything but again do think of the consequences..I aint elaborating it in details here but we always know that most of the family members are with us coz they said so! So to you who I’m sure you won’t be reading this, no matter where you go and hide, it won’t last long!!Remember KARMA is a BITCH!!

Just in case you are wondering what had happened and what rubbish I am talking about, please don’t ask any further details..I know there are a lot of you who read this and concerned about this matter but again it’s something which I cant really share in details with u guys..The reason for me to write about this matter is to let it off ma chest and yes I’m relieved..Not that I don’t have a good listeners around me but it’s just 2 different things..I am so bless being surround with people who loves me and always be there through ups and downs forever..I know we can always count on you..People know how to judge wisely and I believe that if u do good things Allah will gives u good things in return and everything happened has its own reasons!

So here I go again posting another long post..hehehe..I FEEL GOOD ALREADY..And i will end up with this which ma dad created and we take it as a joke now.. “Jangan tah kitani selalu belayar eh karang orang fikir tani banyak usin” hahahah.. But again kami belayar kah inda kah its non of your damn business..Macam tah kami pakai usin mu untuk belayar and bayar all of our expences..Mun nganya kami selalu ke KK and ke KL pun ko sakitkan hati!Inda tah baik tu akal fikiran mu ah..Renungkanlah wahai pendeki bahawasanya tuhan mengurniakan akal yang sempurna untuk befikir!!

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