Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nikon vs Canon

I’m feeling bored at this moment and i have nothing much to do in the office..Not a hectic month yet but looking forward for next month..Closing account that is! I really want to know how hectic it will be and in what way will the hectic be..It will be my new challenges maybe..It’s my 2nd months in the new department and Alhamdulillah everything has been so great..Loving the office environment and the management as well..

Lots of friends had came forward and asked me few questions about DSLR..Which one do i prefer most either Nikon or Canon? As for me it’s obvious that I’ve chosen Nikon over Canon? Why? I’ve been using Nikon since i was 15 before the digital SLR are out..I started with my dad’s SLR and started loving it since then but I never thought that i would have my own DSLR..Alhamdulillah I bought ma 1st DSLR in 2008 which is Nikon D40x and I’m still using it now..

Ok back to the questions that ma friends had been asking was why Nikon and not Canon..As for me it’s up to yourself..Because most of us will prefer using the same brand with our circles regardless of our own survey and judgement..As for me why I chosen Nikon is due to the quality and user friendly functions..This is what I observed and compared..When you are only a beginner, you will only buy a DSLR body which comes with the kits lens..When you’re trying to capture pictures inside a room or hall, the photos will be darker if u captured it with Canon compare to Nikon which will be much better though the lightning is limited because Nikon has a self adjustment function based on the place you’re at..Another factor is that, the accessories is much cheaper than canon..And what I loves MOST about Nikon is the sound of the click when u took pictures..hehe Again it’s you who can decide what is best and what suit you best..

But once you are familiar with your own DSLR and attach an external flash to your DSLR body then it will be a different story..It’s now depends on us to suite our self and learn more about the ISO, lightning, angle of the flash, flasher, diffuser and many more..It’s not the matter of taking pictures only but how u can capture a good and memorable photos..Maybe I don’t have much rights to say things like this because I aint professional yet and I need to learn more about everything..It’s an advantage when you have more friends with DSLR and someone with experienced to hang out with and go out for an outing..From there, we can learn more than just doing it on our own..

There are a lots of sacrifice to be made in terms of buying all the accessories once you indulge yourself in this field..After a year having ma D40x, I bought an external flash and 18-200mm lens as an addition which costs $2k..Recently i bought HD lens, Wide lens and Macro lens and so far Alhamdulillah that’s all I need for now..With the backpack, tripod, 2 additional DSLR batteries, Sanyo 4x Rechargeable eneloop AA batteries, Cleaning kits, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB of memory cards also ma TZ37GN Sony Vaio it completes everything as for now..

There are few items in ma wish lists that is a new crumpler bag which can fits ma DSLR and accessories also ma lappy..Next will be a new DSLR body either D300s, D700 or D750..A nikkor lens 70 – 400mm, backdrop and an 27-inch iMac..

That’s it for now..I’m off for breakfast now with ma office colleagues having tumpi with beef curry =D..Have a great day ahead guys..

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