Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Belanjawan 2010

On 01st August 2010, a guy who is incharge with the Belanjawan came over to interview all the family members which was only the 5 of us..Basics questions were being asked such as salary, expenses, items that we bought which is less then a year and many more..From that day onwards, we were advised to ask and keep all the receipts and that includes buying a car fuel..At first, it's kinda hassle because I ain't use to it but as we make it a habit and practise, somehow its getting interesting hehehe..Somehow, it help us to monitor and be more discipline when it comes to buying an unnecessary items..

This will last for a month which is exactly by end of August..That guy incharge *whom I didn't ask his name* will come everyday for a week just to make sure we fill up and jot down our daily expenses everyday!So far I've been spending $400 from 1st August until today..Will slowly try to cut down to atleast $150?Insyallah but not within this two months..hehehe Cheers =)

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