Monday, August 23, 2010

Puasa & Sungkai

Sorry for the lack of updates!Can't online due to house renovation and sometimes feel so lazy to do so!But blame the espeed which is getting slower each and every day and ma broadband is with mababe for her usage..

Its our 13 days fasting and alhamdulillah everything went well so far..But for long distance journey I doubted that!Hee..Thanks to mababe for all the support and big applause to me for being good and more discipline this year Alhamdulillah..

This year our first sungkai was with KB family at our crib, 2nd was at Season's Restaurant with mababe, 3rd sungkai outing was again with KB family at Danauwang Restaurant Lumut, 4th was with ma family and mababe at Tarindak Polo Jerudong, 5th at Anjung Warisan with ma family plus granny and ma uncle and 6th will be just me and mababe again at Excapade Sushi KB today Insyallah..

Sungkai at Season's Restaurant and Tarindak Polo Jerudong was superb!Though we have to pay more for one person but its worth it!Loves all da foods being served so much!More than 50 different dishes to try and it was damn marvellous seriously..

Season's Restaurant
Tel : 2422291
$28 Per Pax

Tarindak Polo
Tel : 2612500
$20 Per Pax

Whereas on the other hand, Danauwang Lumut and Anjung Warisan KB Restaurant was quite ok as well..Danauwang was even better then Anjung Warisan I must say in term of foods refill..After second refill, then it goes empty!How bad was that?You tell me!Hehehe..

Danauwang Lumut Restaurant
Tel : 8661226
$6 Per Pax

Anjung Warisan KB Restaurant
Tel : 3340299
$7 Per Pax

Will have another sungkai at Amanah Harith Jerudong this weekend with Tutong and Bdr Family and too bad mababe won't join us due to 'Menyungkaikan' function at her house..Due to mababe's function and our family gathering, we have to cancel our vacation this week and postponed it to next week Insyallah if times permits!

Thats all for now and have a great day ahead everyone!

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