Thursday, August 5, 2010

Universal WON again!

CONGRATES again to Universal for winning another match against Mutiara Nusantara..WELL DONE LADIES! I'm glad that I came over and support you girls that night!Alhamdulillah..As we know our opponent for that night was also one of the stronger team and again alhamdulillah we won the match though it wasn't straight set!The players were all tired and their mind set is so strong that they can win the match..Next will be against Police Women which is another strong one!Hope Universal can win and straight set doesn't even matter as long as you girls play smart with a strong mentality!

I will assure that I will come over to the final to watch the girls play!I can't come and watch all the games girl but ma support will be always with everyone due to ma hectic schedule which I can't help with..So sorry!

Honestly I can see everyone has improved more and that include mababe ;D..Unfortunately Amoi one of Universal's player couldn't play for this season.Yeah 'Season' sounds big and I want to make it sound big as well hahahaha..Inda jua papa bah kan..Bukan selalu!Hope you can play for the next upcoming tournament, get well soon especially your knee injury and get back to the field =)

Last Friday, I had the chance to be with mababe and her family for makan - makan and tahlil..It's been a while since ma last gathering with them!Had so much fun, catching up with one another and whats best was the foods!Never dissapoint me in any ways!Hehehe..Yeah I love foods as much as anyone does!Also at the same time, I managed to spend time with Baby Amni *Finally* hehehe..Nampak basar sudah ia and makin putih hehe..

I don't have anything much to say now and I hope you have a great day ahead today also tomorrow and day ahead ;D

Missin you boO *winKz*

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