Thursday, February 19, 2009

BIBD Fleet Card

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Fleet Card is another innovative payment system product being introduced by Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD) to ensure efficient management in fuel purchasing. Kad Inden / Fleet Card is offered to both public and private sectors..

1. Syariah-compliant
2. An easy, fast and efficient payment system
3. Detailed and concise reportin
4. Enhanced security with a variety of control feature
5. Security PIN number to deter unauthorised usage
6. Cashless transaction for greater ease

Ma first try was last week wer i decided to use it instead of keepin it inside ma purse so y not give a shot!I bought full tank and i asked da lady if its possible to use da fleet card and wiv her kindness and friendly nice smile, she said sure y she swiped ma fleet card and asked me to enter ma pin number which was given 2 me wen i signup!..afta she swiped it, she gave me a receipt and dats it..very easy lemon pezzy..

Its another a great idea for usin da fleet card..its cashless and i think from der we can actually monitor our monthly fuel guys y not sign-up now..da card was actually launched last year or last 2 support dem by sure u gona luv it hehehe

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