Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kenali Negara Kitani

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What is KNK?Its actually Kenali Negara Kitani..Ive always want to explore our beautiful country and do some activities once a while..We've been travellin alot but if we were ask about our country, how can we actually answer dem?we should bring more visitors from outside and show dem da beauty of our own country..m i right?Well nothins comes for free now..u still have to pay for ur parkin space, medication and much more now..Even to da toilets now a days..

So im plannin to explore our country startin end of February or place every month or within 2 months tym..ders a directory given by KNK where we can go to da top 10 recommended places..since most of us have a digital cameras or SLR i think it will be nice for us to have an outin as tell me if u guys are interested ayt..Families, Frens and Ma Luvly Readers are all welcome..Da More Da Betta..Better Late Den Neva..Heheh

Me n mababe will start wiv da Sunset Brunei Bay Cruise..

Durations 2 Hours
Departs daily at 4.00pm
Price B$35 per adult

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