Friday, February 20, 2009

StarGazers Meetin 2009

Imas & Ading Izati, Aneng, Budeh & Ejah Kaka
From left..Budeh, Ejah Kaka, Ebeh & Amoi
From Left..Ebeh, Amoi, Adeey & Nana

Last Thursday, stargazers had a meetin which was held at Aneng's house at Penanjong Tutong..Da meetin started at around 7pm wiv da recital of al-fatihah by Emil..Da agenda for da meetin was about stargazers activity thru out da year 2009..what i was told der will be a mini tournament, picnic, outbound to Temburong and much2 more i guess..

Hope stargazers will manage to organize everythin in order to create a strong bondin wiv one another..GUDLUCK STARGAZERS

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