Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nothin But Somethin

Sorry 4 da lack o updates guys..been so busy due 2 da wet weather, floods and of all drainage problems every wer..ive alot of photos 2 b upload actually but due 2 limited of tym hence its delay..

So for da past few days, me n mababe went to watch Pink Panther at The Mall..It was hillarious hehehe..da verdict for da movie is A-..It was much better den da 1st Pink Panther for me!After movie, we went to meet Nana to have dinner at suran and also to send da limau kapas to her fren houz for our tanghoon dinner..

Other than that, ders also a discussion at Aneng's houz for deir netball coachin sharin, nana and mul were doin our own thing which was i cant remember wat i did hehe..mul was doin her school work wer s nana were eatin tanghoon and listenin..

Hmm..i think dats it for now..i cudnt think of anythin again will be upload soon insyallah..

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