Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lettin ma heart out

Why does happinez slipped wivin a snap?Why do we intend 2 hurt sum1 we luv so much whom we share our lives wiv tru sadnez n laughter?..Do we hav to pretend dat we luv our partner over a long relationship?Do we hafta be honest or work things out if its aint ryte?

I juz cudnt understand da theory of lyf wer we begins wiv luvs n end it wiv hatred!Luvin sum1 n 2 be luv is not as easy as makin a cup of tea or boilin an egg but it takes days, months, years 2 understand dem from scratch..n yet y hurt da 1 dat we luv?It even involve courage, money, patience and most of all da feelin of L.O.V.E..

Its aint easy people 2 find sum1 who can really love u sincerely wiv all his/her heart so treasure dem n luv dem 2 bits..Forgive all da mistakes dey make n luv dem instead of flashin back wat u or ur partner had did 2 u..

Lyf is all about forgettin all da past n start a new day wiv a great smile n a good heart..also its not da matter of how u can fixed ur past but always prepare and look forward wats gonna happen tomorow and da near future..

So from now onwards forgive and not repeat da same mistakes..admit ur mistakes rather den denyin..treasure ur luv 1 while dey r still breathin n wiv u tru deir good health or worst..forgive dem before u go 2 clep every nyte and always think of a good moments togetha..

..U guys might b wonderin y is ma post different this tym!actually ive said sumthin which is seriously, damn badly hurt sum1 dat i luv..i noe i shudnt said dat earlier n i shud think before it came out from ma damn mouth!!I feel bad and guilt is all over me now..

Juz 2 let u noe dat i do luv u 2 bits n promise u dat it wont happen again..sumtyms we juz cant think dat we r owez ryte..da way we think and wat we think might be differ from 1 another so better listen to it 1st den sorry at da end..

So to ma parents, sistaz, cuzies, families and frens, though ma name seldom appears at ur inbox msgs or ur phone logs, i juz wana let u guys noe dat i do love u guys and happy dat im surrounded by all of u..not every1 is lucky enuf 2 have da luv from deir own families n frens..

N 2 U, im sure u noe me better den i noe maself and luvin u is always da greatest thing dat ever happen to me..bein away from u afta bein around u hurts me alot and to da world u may b 1 person, but to me u are da world..*huGz* Ure da greatest babe

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