Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hellew Peepz..its been a hectic weeks since last month..been bz wiv so many things n ma friday n sunday aint enuffs for week i attended netball tournaments for MOE wer i was incharge to take some photos hehehe..i enjoyed doin it n im not complainin..

Yesterday was da semi-final in da mornin which was between Tutong A and UBD wer UBD won against Tutong A with 17-13 points and durin da final was between UBD and Brunei Muara *Will correct dz im wrong* where UBD won and automatically got da 1st place..Congrates UBD..

While waitin for da prize presentation, we *me n mababe, nana, adeey n mul, aneng & lisa* went to aminah arif batu besurat for lunch..been cravin for jelit *another name for ambuyat* again..eheheh..afta lunch we went to have a shower, clep and rest at adeey n mul's crib which was located at *inda ingat* hehehe..dari luar da house macam small but as we go in it's big..da kitchen is big 2 i lyk..hehehe..

It was rainin heavily in da afternoon n we decided to go back early but b4 dat we went to metro and huaho tanjung bunut to ease our hunger again hehehe..on our way headin back home wer its still rainin very damn heavily, ders 2 accidents occured involved 3 cars which was at da 1st location, da 4wd car was overturn and da saloon car's bumper was badly destroyed..

Wer as at da 2nd location, we saw it LIVE BABY..we aint so sure how exactly but keretanya tepusing very fast n we hope ia nda melanggar kereta2 yang was scary though we are not involve..Nauzubillah..

So to every drivers out der, do drive very carefully and drive smart..jangantah kan belaju2 tym2 ujan ani n also masani byk construction n repairin of roads goin on..always check ur tyres..kalau kurang angin, singah tah sekajap me-refill angin tayar a2..nda jua mahal mun nitro $1 saja sebiji tayar n mun angin biasa FOC sha 2..daripada nyawa melayang baiktah spend few mins mengisi angin tayar ayt..

Luv u all and want u all 2 b safe all da tyms..

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